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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kitten-Proof Christmas Tree

AHA! A tree Rowan cannot massacre! (it dried before she found me lol!). This mani was inspired by a pin on Pinterest! My version is not as pretty, or as neat, but definitely looks like a tree! Here is the original pin/ link:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jindie Nails Mani

I'm blogging from my phone time is at a premium right now, so this is easier in many ways.
I treated myself to 2 indie polishes by Jindie Nails- I have been wanting Water for Elephants for some time, so I splurged and bought that and Candy Cane on her etsy site. Here is my first mani with Candy Cane....not perfect, but very Christmasy! And my input is-her polishes Rock! This is 3 coats of JN Candy Cane and the stripes are some polishes that I painted on a plastic bag, let dry & cut into strips. Kinda fun-my first time trying this. Also, my tiny tree is a big cat tree officially! Jeesh!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Sparkle!

I was lucky enough to purchase a Glitter Gal Red Sparkle on sale awhile this is my fabulous, easy-peasy mani that I did last night...late! I used a standard basecoat, 2 coats of GG Glitter Red I think (ok, It's my lunch hour, lol!) And 2 coats of regular SV....drool on, I am!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome to My Zoo!

We are indeed Blessed. I received a call late last week from a lady that had Goliath at her house-He had been living feral and was trying to adopt her home/critters! I zipped up there so fast, I was like greased lighting! He was about 3 miles away and across a mani river from us....

I was so shocked and surprised I couldn't even cry until later-He had been missing for almost 3 months, and here he was back home:0) We took him to the vet and he was surprisingly unharmed...2.5 pounds lighter, a broken canine tooth (a low fever) and very freaked out. Pics below...

First night home...growled and purred while he ate...growled at EVERYONE!

After seeing the vet and after some normalizing-Happy as a clam on my bed!
He was not happy about Rowan, but he is teaching her some manners, lol! All three on my daughter's loft bed...Dove was freaking thrilled to see him but not happy to share the moment with Rowan-note the ears, lol!
The even better took him all of 3 days to start his normal habits again, like his spot on our bed, expecting his food dish to be in a particular place and all that stuff cats do :-D

OK, mani time and a wee bit of spam...
I had this crazy urge to try a mani I had seen on Pinterest ( I do have an account there under Gott, come visit!) here is my version!
Rainbow stripes under black! I used the skinny striping tape for this...I have been waiting like crazy to try this!

 Below, my thumb...this took way too damn long but so cool looking! it makes me happy, lol!

More mani spami....
Below, one of my new Etsy polishes, called Glacier...the blue shimmer is not as "out there" as I would like...
 And below, Secret Galaxy over Glacier...DROOL!

Another new polish of mine... Moon Shadow over black...Purple lovers, drool!

And the last of the bunch for this year, Bat Crap Crazy (2 coats) long story, it's a phrase our current Governor uses, lol....

What do you think...spammed out yet?! And YAHOO for good critter news!