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Sunday, June 30, 2013

So I went a little stamp-crazy....

I really love how this turned out! I used the new Sinful Shine Wisp, stamped with Konad pink over my ring finger and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Twisted Pink as a base on all others. Wisp was my white stamping polish-I think it worked really well for this :) I played around with my pinks to get a match for the Konad pink, but still not perfect lol!
So what do you think?! Too much? I had loads of compliments on this mani and it was unique enough that it didn't bore me...which is saying something for me! I usually do my nails Sunday night and then again on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the wear. I can't stand any level of chipping. Now for the pics!

Here's what else I've been doing...
Strawberries from my daughter's strawberry plant ^^^
Ceramics that thankfully did NOT blow up in the kiln, below...

And my poor Nova freaking out from fireworks, finally stopped clawing at the walls....

Yup, she crawled into that tiny crevice next to the couch all by herself...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Subtle, yet flashy!

I bought several of the new Sinful Shine polishes-aiming for colors I didn't have. This color below is lovely, but almost a dupe of a new Elevation polish I have. I still like the Elevation better, though! 
Below, 2 coats of Sinful Shine Rendezvous, with dabbed on 6 Harts Cloud Sculptures. It was a great pairing and was beautiful in the sun, but just as gorgeous in the shade! I love combos like that-win all the way around! 
Just to show you how I really DON'T match, here's what I wore on Friday with this cool mani-yeah, I love me some orange!!

One last pic. We never really took things out of the new greenhouse because of the weather, so things are going crazy inside it, go figure! My hubs is awesome, because this was my Christmas/birthday present and we put it up late this spring.

Hope everyone is having decent weather-we are very fortunate in Montana to have good weather, especially on the western half. No tornadoes, no hurricanes, just nasty winter weather.... Take care and be safe!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Holy Smokes...I've crossed over to the Dark Side!

Wow, I know I've been AWOL for a few months, glad you've stuck around! 
I have an iPhone now, and that is where the Dark Side comes in! I have always been a diehard Android fan....No more! Holy Crap Apple has made my life easier! I can do EVERYTHING from this phone and nothing crashes *Droid, you crashed my etsy app for the last time*

So mani spammy?? Yes indeed, if this is going to be easy as I think, I may be phone blogging for a bit :)

Manis! And pets, of course! 
This lovely polish was a gift, from Above The Curve....way more gorgeous in person, I tell ya! Darn shame I chipped it on day 2 :(

Here is another beauty... Elevation Daisen over OPI My Vampire Is Buff....I am totally a new convert of Elevation Polishes

Ok, critter spam.... Since I have months of manis for you, lol!! Here ya go, and take care!!

One more....
Mr. Miracle kitty, Goliath is still doing quite well....hug all your loved ones!