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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghost mani-not a total failure!

Hmmm, This mani was awesome-until I stamped little ghosties on it! I started out with 2 coats of a gray franken that I put a bit of color-morphing pigment into. You can't really see it though, but I liked the finished polish anyway.
Here we go...pretty gray with an almost undetectable hint of blue glimmer...
 Alrighty then...pretty but too plain for me, hehehe. I wanted to get a light stamp that would sort of be a subtle background...should have stopped there. The part where this is not a total failure is that I discovered Orly Golden Halo is a rocking stamping polish! I have hated this polish since I put it on my nails, but I couldn't bring myself to toss it.
Ignore my lousy stamping, hairy cuticles and check out the gold lines under the crappy ghosties.....

The gold stamped lines looked AMAZING over the grey. Should have stopped there...but at least I have found a great new stamping polish. This stuff is so sheer I could never wear it on its own, but is like gilding your nails, the gold stands out so much!

Gah....I have to get some of the AHA cuticle cream. I have heard a lot of people go on about Poshe...what do YOU use? I use a mixture of oils on my cuticles, but obviously the hairy hang-nails are getting out of least on a few fingers. They are tiny enough that I miss them until I look at my pictures....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Haunted House Mani (pic heavy)

This has got to be the most Kick-butt mani I have ever done! I have also tagged on some other pics at the end for fun.

On to the nails!! I used 2 coats of a Finger Paints orange frost that has a cool greenish duochrome. I haven't worn it in years, because I have only recently discovered what huge fun nail art can be :0)

After the FP layers, I sponged on Quirius Eggplant from this mani. Then for kicks and giggles, a little China Glaze Frostbite on the tips. After that, I was inspired to slap on a layer of Pure Ice Heart Breaker so it looked like this:

Freaking awesome at this point, in my opinion...almost left it that way!!
BUT.....I had this great idea to use bits and parts of the new Bundlemonster plates. I used the church/house, and parts of the pumpkin/vines and tiny little bats, lol! I used Wet N Wild Black to stamp...
I had to pull out my DSLR to take the next pictures, because the haunted house is hard to see....

I TOTALLY love how this turned thumb and my middle finger have the same designs on both hands---so awesome. I can see this will be very distracting until I am forced to take it off, lol!!

So on to some other pics I wanted to share. I am a really crafty person and I wanted to make a special pincushion out of wool for a family member that is a quilter/sewer/gardener. This is cool I am selling some of them, too!
Also, I was able to go out exploring on some 4-wheelers with my husband on Monday afternoon and talked him into taking a picture of me  It was a fun afternoon, but too short. I love Autumn, but I am still not ready for winter here in the mountains, hehehehe.....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pink Mani for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I mentioned previously that I wanted to alternate between Halloween and Pink manis this here is another pink mani with a franken I made.

I used an old (5-6 years old, maybe )Mary Kay nail polish called Pink Starshine and Spectraflair. Simple as that. The MK polish had this awesome gold look to it, but was ultra sheer and kind of disappointing actually ON my it has sat and been ignored. In comes the Spectraflair...awesome addition to this polish, in my opinion. Check out the holo-golden-pink goodness!

Man, this color makes me and all. I was actually 90% done with a white holo with pink ribbons...but I was so frustrated and disappointed by it...I wiped the whole thing off, LOL. Has anyone else done that? GAHHH, so frustrating! I do believe I am giving up on ribbons! They turn out awesome on a flat surface, but stink on my fingers, so Hello Acetone!

Tell me about any special manis you are doing this month...Halloween  or otherwise!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Zombie Lovin" Halloween Franken-pic heavy

I had the best of intentions making this franken, Really! I wanted a franken that kind of reminded me of Glitter Gal's Lizard Belly, but not holo, maybe some glitter and texture. What I got was a gory mess that could only be named aptly, "Zombie Lovin ".  I tell you what, though, it grows on me as I wear it, LOL! I started with a dark green and added color-morphing pigment and gold-ish glitter. The color morph is red to green, hence the zombie effect...

At any rate, it is truly a Halloween-style polish and perfect for decorating with red blood drops and anything else nasty lol...
I was out of town for work at a training when I tried this out, so bear with the mess/weird lighting. See the red? 2 zombies, havin some fun, lol! This is 2 coats with SV as a top coat.

Now here is the COOL green bright!
Here are some other frankens I made with Spectraflair last night for some friends, but it will be really tough to give these away!

I love how rich and dark this one turned out! This is 2 coats.

This blue holo made me happy and cheerful to no end! I love my blues and this is made from Pure Ice French Kiss  which is a truly awesome polish. This franken is a 1-coater! Woo-hoo!
Well, I have to, rainy and dreary today and I am going to make some homemade bread and stew...yummmm. Take care!

(Anyone else having problems with certain letters disappearing in Blogspot? I had to change the font for my Z in the first paragraph for it to show on my post...weird!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Pink Ribbon Mani

OK, this month I wanted to alternate between Halloween themes and October Breast Cancer Awareness manis......Pink...which is just about my least favorite color. Since I know several people affected by breast cancer and it runs in my family, it is a topic near and dear to me.

Unfortunately, this one counts as a Fail in my book. I think I rushed the crucial "what the h--- am I going to do?" phase...big hairy no-no, lol!

At any rate, you get to see it, because for this, the thought counts, even though my rendition sucks....

2 coats of OPI's I Think In Pink-super sheer impulse buy that I need to franken with some white...

I sponged on some white spectraflair franken, some SH Twisted Pink, and the ribbons are also done with that color. I sponged on Revlon Silver Dollar after the fact...*thwacks self on head*...I just missed my bling, lol!

 (sorry about the poor pics)

The nails with NO ribbon look pretty good, the ribbon part was the fail. Ah, well....if anyone has ideas on making a better/more precise ribbon, give me a yell!
*Oh, and still loving the gel nail polish as underwear...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Freckles Franken

OK, I know I could have called this funky color HOLOween Freckles, but I couldn't bring myself to do it....just a bit over the top :0)
I made this franken with some OLD Nina Ultra Pro orange frost polish, that yuks me out....Not sure why I ever bought it, but there ya go....addicted, lol.
If you look close, you may be able to see what I put in this mess...Spectraflair, rust glitter and black glitter! (hence the freckles).
2 coats as a base with minimal stamping to show off the polish :0)

2 coats, no topcoat...a bit gritty, but not bad.

 2 coats, with SV as a topcoat....Like shiny, sparkly glowworms on my fingers!

OK...with bats, since I was feeling somewhat Batty today :0) SV over the stamping. This is from one of the new Bundlemonster plates, and I plan to make the most of the Halloween stamps :0)
I love this color as much as I hated the original Nina Ultra Pro Burnt Orange...the rust/copper glitter is hard to catch, but I like the fact that these are things you don't often see in the same polish: holo, glitter, black speckles and some metallic polish in there for good measure-it's a keeper.
Take care-stay dry and warm...rainy and cold here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Black on Blue Double Lightning

When I went shopping this weekend I found a Pure Ice layering polish I have been looking for, but I also found this amazing blue called French Kiss from Pure Ice. It covers in 2 coats, which is saying something for Pure Ice! Of course I had to try it out right away.
Here we go! 2 coats of PI French Kiss with zero topcoat! Shiny!!

Can you see why I fell in love with this one? My hands/cuticles are a little rougher than usual, because we were helping with a family member building their home.
 I used scotch tape and Kraft scissors with a pattern called "flash" to make a single lightning bolt on each nail with Wet N Wild Black.

This IS with SV topcoat, because I didn't want any issues with the tape on the black. I thought this was so cool-looking that I almost left the mani like this, LOL!
Then I used the same method to cover the lightning on one side and make another bolt right next to the black with a franken top coat that I made...I have been dying to try this franken!

Maybe a little more subtle than I had planned, but I loved how this mani turned out. 2 coats of SV over the top for extreme glossiness!
P.S. Wow, I just looked at these close up and noticed the air bubbles in the SV top coat...better get my thinner out!