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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is that a metallic polish or what?!

I got asked that question when I wore this mani earlier this week, and I honestly couldn't answer...."Um, it's actually 3 different polishes and yes, one was gold!" This one was Totally Fun to do! I purchased OPI Austen-tatious Turquoise from Amazon and a pinkish-plum holo ...but this one won me over, because it is a purple-turquoise duo chrome...but you all knew that! I am just slow to find current fashion colors...or even old ones!

I put on 1 good solid coat of SH Black Out for a base, because the OPI is SHEER (look on the pic below in the background...paper with some polish on it). Turns out, the black was perfect! The picture above is 2 coats of the OPI ATT, and it looks amazing, imo. It is hard to catch the purple but I really didn't care, it looked so yummy.

Then...because I can NEVER leave well enough alone...I sponged on Pure Ice, Jaguar...which is really a gorgeous color but looks horrible on me with nothing else...HORRIBLE!

But enough of is the finished mani...are you drooling?! (pictures don't do it justice)

This mani was really distracting lol...soooo pretty and every now and then I would catch the purple and gold as I typed at work....weeee!

Dusty Dark Blue Franken

First, I promised to show ABOP my franken from my "Blue Chrome with a franken" post. This polish turned out lovely, and it was only 2 different Sally Hansen polishes, so cheap, too!

I took a fair amount of Pacific Blue and Black Out, That is all!! Mixed them together in a Petites polish bottle, which was somewhat of a mistake...skinny-winny brushes :0)
Here is what 2 coats looks like on my index and middle fingers...

I really want to play with this franken a bit now....because I love the color...maybe some fine glitter or something...not sure yet, hmmmmm

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twisted Pink with flowers and other craziness

This mani is actually from last Monday (6/20) and I got sick with the flu during the that explains, what for unusual. I put this great and wild pink on and didn't do anything else with it!
The color is called Twisted Pink From Sally Hansen and these Xtreme Wear polishes continue to surprise and impress me.

This is the color and if you click on the pic, you might be able to see these subtle pinkish-gold shimmers. They are really amazing, imo. Sneaky little shimmers come out when you least expect it!
So I put 2 coats on Monday night and felt not so hot....duh-FLU!?... and left it at that.
Wednesday night, I felt much better and put one more coat on and dressed it up a wee bit with some flowers and some glitter.

 Three coats took care of the VNL and made the shimmer MORE visible! Yay!...I love polishes like this. I know I have said before I am not a pink girl...but you would not believe the compliments I received on this mani! I might have to become a bit of a pink girl...maybe....

The impressive part about this was that this mani stayed good, and I mean GOOD until the following Monday night. And not over a wimpy weekend, either. I was putting beehives together,

and welcoming 2 new "family" members in the form of baby Alpacas named Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (Google "Mark Twain"  if these names don't ring a bell-not his best book, but an American classic).
OMG!...these little guys are cute in an ugly/weird way...and my fave, Huck, is a drooler and a whiner LOL! My mother-in-law got them for their fleece, since we both spin and Alpaca wool is amazingly soft!
Well...I'm off for the night to finish my toes! they have been wearing the same colors (orange with yellow and burgundy sponged on) for 3 weeks and it is getting OLD!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Holo Heaven

A good friend purchased a bunch of Milani 3-D holo polishes and let me drool and then pick one to borrow! Whoo-Hoo! I am too cheap to give in to spend on those unless I see one in a deep burgundy (drool), So Thanks, Saundie!
I couldn't leave well enough alone with plain polish, so I tried jazzing it up a shade (not necessary). I used the first franken I ever made and scotch tape along with a few dots. My pics aren't as awesome as ABOP's  holo mani (not even close lol) but here is my first wearing of a holo polish...

This is 2 coats with sandwiching the topcoat...I read about the topcoat dulling the effect AFTER I did this-darn!

Trying out the view under different lighting...
Complete with franken-dots, lol. I wonder if my nails had that length and beautiful downwards curve-the holo effect would be more pronounced? I have always hated the shape of my nails-lengthwise. They tend to angle straight out or UP...grrrrr. Because of that, I have never been able to wear fake nails *sigh*

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blue Chrome with a franken!

A week or so ago when I was making some frankens, I made one that turned into sort of a dusty dark blue and I love it. I will post later what I made it from, but for now, here is a bit of a repeat with new colors.

I started with 2 thick coats of my dusty blue franken...and layered my little bottle of glisten from OPI (no name, it was a mini and a promo pack). Here I took a picture with the franken and then the layered look so you can see the difference.

Here under different lighting...Oh and I AM getting better at the little flowers! YAY! Dotting tool, french mani white, and those darned tiny gold balls. I wore this mani for 5 very stressful  (work) days, so I think I did pretty good! And just for kicks and giggles, here is what Montana in the spring looks like along the Blackfoot River (which is still at flood stage)...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, Sunny Day! (not)

I am getting Totally tired of rainy days on the weekends and oh, maybe 1 nice day during my work week, so I did something fun and funky for this past weekend. I just didn't get it posted on the blog! I hit CVS, thinking to get 1 polish if I found a color I couldn't pass on, and of course I came out of there with 2 Sally Hansen colors and 1 Rimmel on clearance for $1.07...Now tell me, could you have resisted?! Ha, I thought not!

I started with SH Blue me Away ( I think that was the name!) and it took me awhile to decide, but it reminded me of blue here ya go!

 After everything dried and I had decided what to do, I sponged on little clouds, except for the thumbs. Man alive, the suns were tricky, and not perfect, but ah, well! I sponged around the worst edges with some clouds. The yellow is also a SH yellow(if you want the exact colors, e-mail me, I'll dig them out LOL). On a whim I added a little bird to one thumb, but Iwasn't talented enough to do both thumbs :0) And little holo stars added on the other fingers. This definitely improved my attitude over the weekend, since I had my own sunny day with me no matter what! Yes, I am a bit of a hick and a redneck girl.....but hey, I am what I am!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Berry Blingfest swatch

Here are some pics of the Franken I made for my friend Saundie, Berry Blingfest. She is a big fan of Zoya polishes and their colors, so I tried to make something with those tones.

I totally LOVE this color!The are tiny blue sparkles and in differnet light, it looks lighter and more golden-hued. This is 2 coats. I decided to wear this and stamp it, but I think it ruined the glitz!
Ah, well.....I really enjoyed making this franken!

Franken craze

So last Monday, I did the frankenbeige mani and I got a strange craving to make more frankenpolishes! weird, huh?! Even had dreams about some...Hey, I never said I was normal! I really wanted to find a way of thanking a friend of mine...she is always sharing her polish goodies and giving me the ones that don't seem to like her skin tone...I love it! So I started playing...

The colors I used are in the top picture, and the finished little bottle of glitz is the the second. I had to ask for help naming it, though. Berry Blingfest!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Frankenbeige Mani

I have learned the hard way I probably don't want to franken any more browns, lol! I took way too many colors in an attempt to make a different shade of brown and almost tossed the mess. But then on a whim, I poured a bunch of french mani white in with the leftovers and WOW, I found one I really love! It went on in one coat like a dream...
Then I decided to stamp with my new bundlemonster many choices, but I went with this one...

I stamped with Sally Hansen's Black Out and then put on some of Essie's Matte About you...I really liked it-very different for me. These are my right and left hands respectively. I had to trim my nails shorter after wresting with the lawnmower for the first time after my shoulder surgery. What do you think of this look?(stamping, not the short nails, lol)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green-Blue peacock mani

I combined a few colors at my oldest daughter's request and it turned out very cool looking UNTIL I stamped it! My konad stamping silver has gotten so thick that it's pretty useless. I have added some polish thinner, but I don't know if that will work...On to the weird results!
I started out with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Last chance, a pretty dark green creme. I sponged SH Black Out over the tips, and then sponged a bit of Sally Hansen's Blue-It over the black, just enough that you could see all 3 colors.

Here is just the black sponged on...hard to see!

Here is all three. The blue seems to make the black stand out more. Good thing!

I really should have stopped there, because by the time I realized what the Konad polish was doing-too darn late (Bundle Monster 212 I think).  After the first finger, most of the polish didn't even come off the stamping pad and I am pretty darn fast with this stuff. Plus, the lines of the design, which were very fine and pretty, look thicker, almost blurred. All in all not quite a mani fail...but darn close in my book!

This one turned out the best except that I misjudged the size/orientation, grrrr! Not a bad recovery, with the side stripe :0)