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Monday, April 30, 2012

Brocade Mani (spam alert!)

Hmmm, this mani was inspired by ABOP's post here.... I don't have any deep dark I winged it, so to speak :0) The end result of this experiment is shown in all of its hot glory below, hahahaha!
I started with a nail polish brand that I know nothing about-you will see the bottle. I picked up the set at Ross and the base color is Hibiscus!

The colors aren't "true" in the above picture... but close.

Above...under an Ott light. Below in the light box...

2 coats of Hibiscus...somewhere between red-garnet in my mind, but it is lovely and the formula was surprisingly nice. 1st coat was streaky 2nd was heaven...

The next addition was Essie Shine of the Times...Wow, the flakies are dense in this stuff!

Almost left it like this...but I really wanted to try ABOP's I was brave....

I used one of the newer Bundle Monster plates and Sally Hansen Cinnamon Chrome (not 100% positive on the color name)
I started with a cool color, warm flakies in between, and stamped with a cool color again. I think it is a success but it bugs my OCD gene just enough that I am not sure if I'm crazy or not on this one...

It reminds me of rich, red brocade fabric. The stamping over the top give it a lot of texture and the shifting flakies add to that even more. I found these pictures online...

What do you think, success or not?! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Mani Spam-Fest part 2

Here are some more random mani pictures....Life is still incredibly busy, so nothing truly exceptional here....just enough to keep me sane (well...maybe)

They are listed from the top, newest down to the bottom, from at least a week or so ago...

Ultra subtle stamping over 2 coats of A-England Dragon. I used my Konad special stamping polish....I was either screwed with this purchase or got a bad bottle, because it is VERY sheer for color.

It showed up fairly well in the light box but was almost imperceptible on the nail in real life...ah well....

Pure Ice, Oh Baby over Orly Le Chateau...great combo, but too dark for the gorgeous sunny weather, so it only lasted a day, hahahaha!

2 Coats of  Spectraflair franken I stunning in the sun!! I love a good blue polish....

And finally...Yes, I did wear this (below) at the was raining for 2 days straight and I NEEDED sunshine!!
2 coats of Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow , with Finger Paints Asylum over the top....I love flakies over bright yellow!
Take care and enjoy the spring weather if you have it in your area!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Mani Spam and Good news...

Okeedokee...our family is smiling once heart surgery went well, husband is home. That is like saying a volcano makes a small noise....Good Lord, that was awful and amazing at the same time. OK, I will stop before I get too sappy :0)

Random manis listed below...I can provide the specifics, but don't have a burning need to at the moment, lol....

Hmmm, I need brighter lights for my homemade light box

 Mari Moon Daring over Sally Hansen...pic lower down
 Really crappy mani with SH was too thick and gloppy

 Ooooh, Spam-fest! This is a franken of mine....really grew on me, I love it!

Easter Mani above....Yes, I did get some really weird looks at the Hospital these past 2 1/2 weeks!

Really, A Siamese Twin Rose?! I have never seen this happen and I thought it was a good sign before surgery...

 Revlon Popular over pink franken-sort of...I just added french mani white to OPI I Think In Pink

Take care & hug your loved ones-because shit happens and there are rarely warnings....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anniversary Mani & a Possible Hiatus

This might be my last post for a few weeks, I just don't know. My husband and I just celebrated our 28th Anniversary and then got some rough medical news right after that.
Suffice it to say that if a loved one suddenly develops swollen feet & legs and problems coughing and breathing, especially at night...Get them to a Doctor as fast as you can drag them. Open heart surgery in a few days and hopefully many more anniversaries to come....

So here is my anniversary mani, before life got knocked wonky.

One coat of Revlon Silver Dollar-should have done 2 but you can't see the bare spots through that bling

Stamped using Sally Hansen Chrome Purple Diamond I think....can't remember shit right now (CRS)
Hang tight, take care of your health, and hug your loved ones.  Over the next few weeks, I will try not to drop the F-bomb or be cranky in posts...but there is a I will warn you ahead of time.