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Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's all about ME

I tried a sponging method I have seen on a few blogs- I may not be remembering the method right but here goes and a silent thank-you to the ladies that have done a tutorial on this!

2 Coats of NYC French mani White, and then the colors I used were:
Catrice Forget Me Not
Essence Choose Me!

I painted the two colors right on the cosmetic sponge and rolled the sponge over the nail-MESSY-But gorgeous!
This was stunning in the sun and out of the sun, actually. A co-worker said she kept looking at my nails because they made her happy-that's a win in my book!

Essence CM showed up more Aqua than in the looks like a lovely green in the bottle, but sponged over the white...aqua. I still loved it!
This was messy-no other way to say it-especially with that darker color near the cuticles. I plan on trying scotch tape next time, because the finished look was worth it.
Have a good evening!

Monday, August 20, 2012


No other way to say it...when I saw what my pretty blue Sinful Colors blue did...I said many bad words, most of them beginning with F and S.

Look at this!
Yes, I used a base coat-2 coats, actually

Perfect time (after I stopped cussing) for me to try ABOP's suggestion of using whitening toothpaste-SO glad I actually had some! Here is the "after" picture....

Whew! I will say, this only seems to work for me immediately after the nails get stained...

OK, now weekend trip spam, you can go now if you DON'T like mountains and trees, LOL!!!

Like a skeleton forest..a forest fire had burned through this area several years ago, and this is what was left-but new baby trees/growth coming in...

We went driving up this crazy-ass "road" that would have stopped most normal people....but then again, well, read "about me". Really, though, I am a big chicken...I hate heights, and ok, I speed but that is when I am encased in a car with a seatbelt...

Yes, that is a freaking Cliff....and that was as close as I was getting, thankyouverymuch the top of the road (I use the term loosely) That is not too far from the peak. Hubby and I rode together on the ATV, and I think on the way up I did a lot of leaning low and gunning it, lol. Hahaha, he knew the only way I'd go up there was if I was the one driving (that's what she said!)

The tiny red arrow is pointing to a lookout tower that is considered a historical building. The trail stopped maybe 100 feet below the tower.

Below, on the way down...looks much less freaky...

Take care, enjoy your week and as always-Hug your loved ones and tell em you love them!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crows Toes "I Make The Path" X 2

Ahhh, I love Crows Toes polish. Glittery uniqueness in a bottle. Perfect for layering in my eyes...

So, I finally nabbed a bottle of I Make The Path. I bought this half for the look and half for the name. I truly believe we make our own path. We always have choices-sometimes very crappy choices, but choices all the same. Nuff said, I Love this glitter bomb!

First mani, over a lovely blue Sinful Colors....I cannot remember the name and my butt is ensconced in this chair until I am done with my post... I had read this polish was thick...but I tell you, it is thick in a GOOD way! I decanted a bit, added clear coat and got a lighter version of the same polish-Yay!

But this first one was first try...I had to pull glitter OFF, lol!

Are ya DROOLING? In my next post, I will show you the nastiness that a pretty blue can do!

Next mani was inspired by Nail Nerd...awesome chic that does AMAZING nail art. Check out her blog...

Stripey goodness (I hate spelling stripey...)

Crows Toes IMTP in the bottle above, but this mani has my mellowed out version  over the top. I think I should have bought 2 bottles of this is that stunning.

Colors were applied over 2 coats of NYC French Tip White...with a buttload of SV...
*sigh* Thank-you to Nail Nerd for inspiration and thank-you to the creator of Crows Toes...Loving this mani...
(NOW I can leave my seat and eat my piece of cake, lol)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Bits of Insanity....

WOW, has it really been so has! I have done lots of manis...haven't posted them, but here are several to either like or not! Mouhahahahaaa! After, an update on other things if you are interested...

Brown franken of mine...holo brown, yummmm...

WOW, this one is an old one! I can't remember the colors I used but the gorgeous sparkly one was a gift from my lovely friend partner in polish addiction, that is, lol!

Below...*sigh* I LOVE A England's Elaine....and I love Lynderella's Change. Are you drooling yet?

Really? Help you with the rusty truck brakes right after I started my nails?! Yes, I did indeed help and only had to re-do one nail, hahahahaha, I am that good!
I made this franken after seeing some similar ones online and seeing ABOP's white franken-decided I had to have my own. I am totally groovin on this white jelly w/glitter look!

Catherine Arley-have no idea of the name, it was a swap gift from Lovely Buzzwheedle!
This was my first attempt at decals, and I totally muffed it, they only stayed on 1 day and then just popped off-topcoat and all. Let me know if you can actually tell what the pictures are, hahahahaa...not my best work, but fun! My hubby thought it was cool-score!

OK, update time...I have polishes and jewelry up on etsy---fun!

Other news-husband is doing well-but heart has not recovered as much as we hoped after his surgery in April. That is OK, though-he feels SO much better and it will take time. He is back to working and just had a defibrillator surgically put in and was home from the hospital after less than 24 hours. If you ever want information on this bizarre/fun topic of heart health...just e-mail me. If I could stand for more than an hour comfortably, I would have gone to nursing school :0) Medical stuff has always been fascinating to me and I did go into a medically-related field in college.

Thanks for sticking with me when I haven't posted much, and reading my craziness...I shall post again sooner! No more teens in the home, so I get my computer back, YAY!