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Friday, October 12, 2012

Butterfly Daydreams!

I have a mani with tattoos again.....I am loving this look!

2 coats of a Believe Beauty Purply-Pink....I can't remember the color (long week, sorry!)

I had a bit of bubbling with this-you might be able to see it in this picture-

I had forgotten to take a picture and you can see I had already put a layering polish over my pinkie-woops!

Above, my new polish called What Halo?! In the light box, you can see all the golden shimmer.
Below-under just an Ott light, it looks a bit different.
Butterfly tattoos! They were in the center of the tattoo sheet-otherwise my fingers would have been all a flutter with butterflies!

Below, my right hand-not too bad considering I am right handed, and taking a picture with my left hand is a bugger, lol! Any lefties out there notice all the darn cameras are made for righties?!
This was a really lovely mani that I was sad to sparkly and cheerful!

Take care and here are two parting picture for kicks and giggles...

This is  my Nova...she brought her ball in on my bed and was determined it wouldn't sneak away on her again! ( I hate this blanket but it was cheap and I needed one!)
Who else has a black pet that is nearly impossible to photograph? GAH!
Below, little miss Dove (who is tremendously skittish) found NIRVANA. She made her own bed in my box of hand-carded alpaca fleece, and I didn't have the heart to make her leave it.

Take care, all!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have...drool!

OK, since I make my own polishes, I like to try others to see how mine stacks up against, some are just stunning!

Dollish Polish - 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have is a really DENSE glitter polish with a clear base. I wanted to be able to wear it over colors and see plenty of I took my glitter suspension base and made a tiny bottle of a less glittery version. I was so glad I did! I can see all the lovely bits better!

Below, 2 coats of Midnight Mystery from a Ross Dress For Less polish pack. These are fabulous little polishes and I wish I could grab bigger versions of them...really going to miss a few. This is a great one...and it did NOT stain!

Ahhh, there is that pic! Believe Beauty brand! The collection looks LESS blue in real life, if that makes sense. Midnight Mystery is in the lower row next to the's much deeper and darker IRL.

That little beige-y one is another fave, lol!

Ok, now for the slightly watered down indie... 1coat...

I adored this combo....muted but flashy, if that can happen, lol!

Below, you can see some mini-bar glitter that is silver holo. I would never have seen these. WHERE did she find those?? I don't like bar glitters, but the short ones are awesome! This was a hard one to remove...really-2 days is pushing it for me and I think I wore this one like 4-5 days... The only thing I need "get over" is my feeling that this needs to be worn with a blue or green because of the tiny turquoise blue glitters... (aren't they cute, though?!)

OK, all done-Awesome indie polish, but a little too dense for my fingernails...but I am wearing it on my toes over a turquoise frosty polish! My husband liked that one....but VERY flashy, especially over a frost.

Take care, enjoy your weather. Here, we went from 80F to SNOW overnight (like 2 inches!) kidding....but Fall is finally here and the cold has clamped down on the forest fires and the smoke is gone, YAY!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brag & Drool White Mani

Oh, I was so proud of how this mani turned out. A little bit of bragging, because one of the polishes is one I made...drooling, because, well, it's Drool worthy!

I started with 2 coats of Essie Marshmallow. It really is a softy-lovely white. First coat is like most whites, but the second coat rocked it. These were thick coats, so I had some bubbling-I would have done better with 3 moderate coats, but ah well....

Next I put on my new polish...I was trying out a sample over anything and everything I can....just to see if it needed tweaking. I love it over Essie Marshmallow!

Brag time....

Anyone drooling? I was, LOL! Green/gold/orangey shimmer, with a sneaky bit of gold holo glitter. A bit hard to see the orange shimmer, but that is might be just enriching the other colors?

ABOP gave me lots of ideas on the tattoos for nails and I went a bit outside the box and bought some rub-on decals. Unfortunately, I didn't wait long enough and ruined my other thumbnail a teeny bit. The rubbing pushed the polish under the SV/topcoat and off to the freaky! So I tried pushing  it back, dammit! I ended up re-doing that thumb--So I only had one special finger, lol...should have been my middle one.....
Whoops.....almost forgot to add the finished mani pics!

I planned this mani special for a work event. I was part of a small team receiving an award-extremely proud of a HUGE amount of hard work that we completed over 2 years. At any mani had to be kind of "tame", lol. This is as close as she gets, guys!

Take care, hug your sweeties (furry or otherwise) and I have a very pretty mani coming up next time, with a great Indie polish (3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have). See ya!