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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Favorite Blue

I have worn this color twice and it has got to be the most heavenly blue...if you love blue, and I do!
It has officially become my favorite blue, if not my favorite polish...

One careful, thick coat of Pure Ice French Kiss *sigh*
Some free form swipes with a detail brush: Pure Ice Heart Breaker, Pure Ice Busted and I mistakenly added Orly Golden Halo swipes as well.  It was perfect before the Golden Halo....should have left well enough-alone!
Still lovely, so I can deal with it.

Oh, and one coat of SV over the always! I shall be basking in all this Blue Loveliness for the next few days, until I decide I need a new mani, LOL!

Wine and Golden havoc

Allrighty...I bought a boxed Mac Holiday set online, mostly because I wanted to try Mac polish and also-duh-it had a GOLD polish that was gorgeous. Since we all know I am a sucker for metallic polish...

The wine color looked beautiful but was a gory mess to apply! 3 heavy, draggy coats and it still had questionable coverage. A co-worker told me that is just the way those colors are-BUMMER!
It turned out beautiful in the end but it took hours to finish this mess.

Here are the guilty parties involved....the glitter is a top coat franken that was a piece of cake to make, and awesome over the red/wine. Take care and tell me if you have had better luck with Mac polishes, or with this color of polish in general....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Is this a dupe?

Quick post! (Stop cheering!) I picked this polish up, loved it...kind of hated the formula and then saw what looks like a near dupe for this one at boxofpolish (hint-One of the new Essence polishes!). She has gorgeous nails, and the gold/olive green is more pronounced, but look at this and then check out Kayleigh's blog! I love the stamping she did over the other polish without taking anything away from the awesome color :-)

Revlon's Mistletoe, 2 gloppy but pretty coats.....

Yesssss, I know my fingers look scary and crooked in the last picture. Maybe they are? Can I chalk that up to years of little kids tugging on them?! Nah!
At any rate, this is a Fast-drying polish, which I have never loved, but totally worth it! Bugger to remove, though....ultra-fine glitter in this polish! Tell me what you think...Dupe or not?!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Revived Dollar store find

I went trolling at our local Dollar Tree and found some really cool polishes. Some were for a swap, but one was almost like a bottle of dried-out glue!

LA Colors Tropical Storm (I think, I had a lot of wrappers, lol)...a silvery metallic polish, but apparently the lid had cracked at some point and let air into the polish bottle. I cleaned the broken plastic bits up, added A LOT of Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner and let it sit for about 4 days...I was not hopeful.
When I went back it did look to be loosening up, so I stirred it with a bamboo skewer (LOL) and added metal balls/BBs and more polish thinner. 2 days later and the pictures are what my stubborn-ness gets me...  *happy dance*

2 coats of LAC Tropical Storm, and 1 coat of a franken I tossed together from Pure Ice Strapless, black glitter and clear top coat. Just a little bit of flash when only a little bit is needed!

I wasn't worried about a lost dollar-store polish-but it looked so pretty, I had to try and save it :0) Have any of you tried this? I am a sucker for metallic polishes....totally bonkers-they make me drool, hehehe...

Have a good weekend, stay warm and dry or at least don't get arrested, lol!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lilac and Gold loveliness!

The Minute I saw Sally Hansen's new (?) polish Big Money, I HAD to have it. It is one of their new Gems Crush polishes and to die for if you are a glitter addict like I am!

Most of the reason is that I love gold glitters, and also because it would look awesome with Essie's Lilacism...see the evidence!

2 coats of Lilacism...showing more blue than in reality, though-

1 quick application of SHGC Big Money on the corners...this stuff will overwhelm any polish it goes over the top of-it is drenched in Glittah!

Look at my ring finger below, I was playing with the new haul and put various polishes over my last mani...the dark green holo polish...
Look at that coverage-that is one coat...I can hardly see any of the underlying color! This is one you could wear totally on it's own. At any rate-I'm off to bed, darn cold here...looking a lot like last November all of a sudden!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sinfully Green Holo Franken

I am back from a short vacation with family and now I need a vacation to rest up!
Hahaha-just joking a little :0)
Here is a polish I frankened from Sinful Colors Last Chance, some black and some spectraflair yummy!

2 coats with no gel polish as "underwear" this week:

And another quick picture of where I spent my vacation in Colorado....beautiful area, about 10,000 ft above sea level and pretty darn cold at night!

Once I get caught up from being gone from my family for a week, I will be back at the nail art/craft table :0) I just hated to cover up this lovely holo with ANYTHING!
Take care, and a Hello and Welcome to the new followers -Happy to see new names!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chocolate Crocodiles!! + some furballs

Oh, wow...this was not my favorite stamp to start with, but it is growing on me like...never mind, can't think of anything not gross lol!

At any rate, our local Walgreen's was having a sale on Sinful Colors polish...why? NO clue! This stuff is normally $1.99 a bottle, and the sale made it $0.99/bottle...yeah, I had to restrain my spending urges, cause I was feeling down....So I only bought 3 bottles, Mouhahahahha!
Even worse, then I saw Sally Beauty Supply was still open-Woot!? Bopped in there and they had a 'buy a Poshe TC, get the cuticle treatment for free'-Man they pushed all my cheap buttons!!Since my cuticles have been growing their own hair, it was a no-brainer :0)
OK, I bought one polish for me and 2 for a swap I am working on. I kept Sinful Colors Nirvana...YUM....

3 coats with top coat, but only to dry it faster....chocolaty goodness like this gets marred too quickly!
2 coats would have been enough...but I had some blips to cover.

Stamped with Sally Hansen Chrome nail polish and BM 224 I think....
Not snakeskin, but definitely reptilian...I finally decided it reminded me of crocodile skin...I can live with this, snakes might take longer....
Not the best stamping. not the best pictures-and it looks WAY better in person. As I looked at my gnarly fingers all day, I decided that it was fairly work-appropriate-the color, that is. Most workplaces probably wouldn't like the stamp...but it was perfect at my work. So as I grew on me.

On to the furballs! First, I love my pets. Almost as much as I love my kids and they have complained about this many times. We have 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 ferret...oh and I can't forget 1 lone gerbil that we somehow inherited from my oldest daughter. All are rescues-or have rescued me. My cat, Goliath falls into the second category-he rescued us, when my first dog was very sick and old....He had been abandoned by his previous owners and it took my daughter 2 weeks to catch his wily butt.
Who could NOT love a 15 pound noisy furball that looks like this? He is my big, mean and protective baby. He and his fellow kitty, Dove have stayed with us :0)
Nova (Latin for "new") was at a pet shelter and I know she was abused to some degree...but she is happy now and is my sweet pup.
Ya, I know, she wants another doggie treat, lol

Take care, everyone...I will be gone for a week starting this reunion...But I promise I will be back!