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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KB Shimmer! Woooo!

OK, playing catch-up again. Anyone who gets snow SICK of winter yet?? SO this first mani was basically me giving winter the Bird...seriously, lol! And not a single managerial soul said a word, heheheheeeee..
So bright! 2 coats of WnW Sunny Side Up, 1 coat of KB Shimmer Orange Pop.

Below, One of my new polishes-Ninja Bat. Valentine-themed colors, but definitely not your typical heartsy polish, lol. It actually is named after a dear friend-her nickname at work, lol! This will be up on my etsy site tomorrow. Hope you like it!
 Below, kitten insanity...I was sitting relaxing on the couch-all of a sudden, the radio BLASTED! I turned around and ding-dong was looking at me like "What?!"

 Nova and Rowan cuddling while I do my nails in my craft/polish room...awwww....

One more pic...
Candeo Colors Melonball! Longtime lemming of mine. 1 coat over a failed polish experiment, lol...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Post-Holiday Post...

Whew! Holidays are over, everyone is healthier and my house is hmmm, somewhat back to normal! We had a bad cold/flu move through our house and hit just about everyone I know...blegh!

My etsy shop has been busy and so that has meant fewer posts and probably less fancy manis. Oh, well-thank-you for everyone that is still reading my blog!  I can't WAIT for spring, now, since my sweetie found an affordable small (6'x8') greenhouse kit for me-yes, he is indeed a "keeper" :0)

On to some mani spammy!

2 coats of Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise over the top of Essie Demure Vix. I picked up demure Vix somewhere along the way dirt cheap and was thinking I would trade it...but darn! I really kinda like this polish! Covers WAY better than I expected and it is the perfect undie for some of my glitters. On my index finger, there is 1 coat-pretty good coverage in my opinion!

Above-a Freaking "My Little Pony" parade on my nails, lol! I decided that this was a nail polish addict's version of "gratuitous sex and violence" (in other words, "Gratuitous glitter and glitz")
Above and below-Crows Toes Purple People Eater (Yes, I grew up with the song!) over Quirius Eggplant. 2 coats of Eggplant, 1 coat of CT PPE. I tell you what, PPE is beyond stunning-it F-ing POPS! I tweaked the photos a bit to show it more color accurate, but PPE is super sparkly and glamorous-I ADORE it. I covered it with Seche Ultra V, Gelous, and 1 coat of SV for gloss, since it is a tiny bit gritty, but I really love the total glossy look.

Below, the new color I am working on- I am totally loving it, too!-with Lynderella Change dabbed down from the cuticles-This looked so awesome...blingy, but not over the top, you know?

Can you see the gold/green shimmer in the blue? That is the best part I is a very strong, noticeable shimmer and it is lovely....
I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays-I wish you all the best: Good Health, Safety, Loved ones nearby and *hugs*