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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Mani Spam-Fest!

Not going to apologize this time...especially since it sounds like mani spam is a GOOD thing!

My Esty store is finally picking up, but that means a bit less time for fun blogging, lol! The jewelry isn't selling, but that's will be mine if it doesn't go, lol...(that is the biggest benefit of making your own jewelry!)

This is what I am wearing right now...First time trying the stripe-ing tape, and I am loving it...
Orly Winter Wonderland over white...pure heaven.
 I was so happy with how this turned out-below, my right hand even turned out good!

Two of my polishes sponged over black....I was playing with the stripeing tape...not very noticeable, though...

Below, Sinful Colors Slate...yummy color, but I couldn't leave it alone....
I sponged half..I was going to try some crazy ass design stamped down the middle...

Stamped...not well, and I stamped over the silver with the blue-green that I used for sponging...meh...

Below, Zoya Gaia, 2 coats of loveliness...

Now, for one of my lemmings...Candeo Mallard-Stunning, especially over Gaia. You can see the gold underneath *sigh*

Under regular light....*sigh*
OK, Kitten pics...


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Messy But Fabulous!

Holy Cow...this mani turned out awesome...except that my clean-up sucked....One hand looks like I was a walk-on for the Walking Dead show...the other just looks a little sloppy, lol!
I saw a lovely mani on Pinterest and wanted a similar look but with different colors. It was a pin by ColoresdeCarol, called China Glaze Polarized, here.

I started with 1 coat of  MAC Frost Asiatique, part of a holiday set I bought on eBay and never tried...Stupid me, this color rocks!

That is one coat...ONE. Kick-ass red creme. I love it and I will be wearing this again soon since Christmas is coming.

Then I gave it 2 coats of Orly Star Spangled...a gorgeous red jelly with red glitter. This was a bugger to photograph...but lovely.

The glitter in this is almost an orange-red....flashy but Ahhhh! SPAM-FEST!

Stamped over the top with Bundlemonster Chevron stamp. I used Sally Hansen Black Out...woops, I just noticed the tiny blob of chocolate from a chocolate cookie on my thumb below....They tempt me so when I am doing my nails!

 Holy Crap....stunned at how Fab this looks!

I did use 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of SV to super-gloss this. Notice the bloody-looking cuticles and remnants of black on my middle finger...sheesh.

OK, there is also some weirdness on my ring finger and pinkie...started stamping using one image plate...changed my mind and did a quick wipe-off, hahahaha! Yeah...finishing this mani was an exercise in weirdness...but I love it, and it balanced my cranky mood

Friday, November 16, 2012

Playing catch-up!

I plan on spamming everyone with many pictures, lol! Hope no one minds-if you are curious about a polish and I haven't listed it...ask, and I shall find what I used!

First hmmm, maybe my pink/Breast Cancer Awareness manis... I know, October is over, but they were still great manis!

Above, Sally Hansen Twisted Pink with  diluted Nina Ultra Pro holo topcoat that spoke to me...
That's the full-strength version below, with my new all time Zoya Holy Grail topcoat. If you have bought any of these new NUP polishes in this different bottle...the brush is unbelievably HUGE! My poor skinny pinkie was swamped...

The Polish Hoochie introduced me to the Seche Ultra V-Best thing for slow drying Zoyas---I can now really love Zoyas!

Below, I can't remember if this was Sinful Colors...but I think it is...pretty slate gray with a blue-ish sheen to it. I stamped over it using LeaLAC stamping plates and Konad special pink stamping polish
Below... I think I used the diluted NUP holo polish (above)...not totally sure, though...But I liked it!
Below, my very first successful water marble!! Whoo-hoo! I used my 6Harts Secret Galaxy for the blue you see. I know I used my dotting tool a bit much, but that is ok, I guess, I was very proud of the result!
One last mani...My best friend gave me a Zoya that just  wasn't her color (not sure I believe her!) and here is my mani for the fist time using the Seche Ultra V....this was stamp-able in under 10 minutes, I was SO happy! Such a vibrant color, I thought, but clean-up was bugger...
Ok, slide show over...I hope you liked these!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veterans' Day Mani & Other Fun!

Ok, I have been absent from my blog (guilty as charged...) but trust me...the nails have been polished! I am going to spam you with manis and some new kitten pics.

I have never mentioned this on my blog, but I have one son and he is an Army Veteran and I am immensely proud of him. We are making home made pizzas tomorrow for Veterans' Day for him.
I decided I would do a special mani for the day!

By the way I am just as proud of my three strong daughters also...My mother raised me to be a strong woman and my daughters are all that way as well :0)

OK, on to the mani!
The holographic sparkle is Hits Disco Ball-a $2 sale polish, whoo-hoo!

 Can you see the holo-goodness?

Ok, now KITTY!

Rowan was TIRED!
Now more mani spammi!

Above, Contrary Polish Fire-brand from a scratch & Dent from Llarowe -can you see that amazing purple flash being sneaky on my index finger?....I was a very bad polish fiend in October...

Candeo Voodoo and Girly Bits Howl At The Moon all over black. I was REALLY bad...Bad Twinks...

Essie Marshmallow with a Nina Ultra Pro "watered-down" holo topcoat and Sally Girl pink cheap glitter
 This was one of my October Breast Cancer Awareness manis-lovely pink glitter bomb
Now, more FUR BABIES!!

My Nova-Dog with Rowan

Take care and make sure you tell your loved ones how important they are to you...even if the are furry!
(What do you think of the new blog look?)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bullying-not acceptable

I have seen a lot on the Internet today about bullying and I know I don't have very many people that read my blog, but here is where I stand.

Don't do it-there is nothing funny or cool about it, it is demeaning and hurtful. I don't care what people think about nails or hands that aren't perfect-open up your minds, close your mouths or get off the Internet.

My sweetie grew up with significant learning disabilities and so has one of my daughters (they are both far more intelligent than I am!). I have seen what that meanness of spirit does to a person first hand and it doesn't take much to bruise a person's spirit beyond repair. My mom used to say, "walk a mile in some one's shoes before you judge". Thank-you Mom, that is how I try to live.

I have seen someone insult a fellow blogger-made me furious. It was the lovely ABOP that was insulted.  It was beyond unacceptable. (The Redneck in me wanted to "Open up a can of Whoop-Ass")

So count me in-My precious few readers-Being hateful, spiteful or downright racist is not ever acceptable.


Friday, November 2, 2012

New Family Member!

Our family has been very busy with a variety of Fall activities...mostly relating to cows, but I do have a bit of wonderful news.
I had resolved not to get another cat after our Goliath disappeared, fearing it might happen again (we think someone is poisoning  neighborhood kitties). My daughter J brought me a gift, however. A little sweet kitten that was rejected by momma at 1 week old. We got her this week at 3 weeks old. Someone cared well for her until she came to us. I named her Rowan, and she is a feisty little survivor. She has gained 2.5 oz. In 4 days....
She will be a 100% inside cat, that is for sure!
Also...I have tucked in a picture of one of my October Pink manis