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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lynderella Love Part II

OK, I have been absent for a is still going OK, just busy. Duties changing at work and getting ready for that changeover was Stressful! Pretty much done with that part now and in my new/old position. I am one of those people at work that moves well to new job duties and likes to learn, so I do get moved...

Husband is recovering very well. After major heart surgeries here we have Cardiac Rehabilitation, which is pretty interesting. They monitor his heart with a portable ECG machine and have him do specific, planned exercises in the hospital rehab. center.  I am still incredibly thankful he is alive. Don't ever take your heart-health for granted: Lesson Learned!

OK....Lynderella polish!!

I can totally see why people are so in love with her polishes. They really are lovely to apply and have on your nails-Just like wearing new jewelry, only cheaper, hahahaha!
Above and below-Bride of Franken . One coat BOF over one coat of Sally Hansen Black-Out. Lovely, but I needed more "POW!"
AHA!!! Two coats below...and that second coat was slathered on, I tell you! Damn, that is stunning!
 I was trying very hard to catch the different shimmery qualities of BOF
Look at that bottle picture, below...Really, this might be my favorite of the 4 polishes I received. So many possibilities! Can't wait to try it over different colors, hahaha!
I hope everyone is happy and healthy! Next post will be Lynderella's Change. I have several posts to catch-up on...but I did just receive Mercurial in the mail, so that was exciting today. Yes, I am trying hard to resist taking my current polish off JUST to try it, hahahaha!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lynderella Love, Part 1

Ahhh, my name finally came up in the llarowe site wishlist process....The day before Mother's Day I got the best nail mail!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get everything on my wishlist because of recent medical stuff (imagine pay when I don't work!), but I DID get 4 lovelies. I told my husband he could call that my mommy's day present and you know what he said? "We'll call it your nursing fee", Hahahhaa!!
What a doll-definitely a keeper when he buys me Lynderellas for sticking by him when he was sick!

Yay!...on to the pretty spam-fest! You've seen these before probably, but these are my first/only Lynderellas.
The first one I used was Gotta Love Brains. I had NO idea it had a purple shimmer! I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes underneath, and 2 coats of GLB:

I didn't plan for those cool, big ass glitters to be right next to each other, lol! But I was not talented enough to pluck the one off and place it elsewhere...

Get a look at that purple/pink shimmer! I love that stuff! This one is so fun and funky and subtle at the same time. Not too crazy for work and this stuff has a great formula, by the way...I was pleasantly suprised!
If you are looking for these-be patient. The wishlist system through llarowe is slow but sure. I put my WL in to Leah Ann in February and would have had every item in April- it took 2 months but worth it. The polish scalpers on e-bay kind of piss me off.....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Head Trip!

I have my Nail Mojo back, I think.... I sat down to do something plain jane with pink...not having much in mind and came up with this mani, and I adore it!

I called this "Head Trip" because, OK, I grew up in the 70's and it seemed like everyone talked about drugs. This made me think of all the songs and talk about acid trips. Never did it, but it brought to mind those memories....psychedelic craziness! Don't get me wrong...I am not promoting drugs of any kind!!
OK, Nuff said....enjoy the spam!

 Duochrome loveliness, yes?!

The guilty parties.... Sally Hansen Twisted Pink, LA Colors-sheerish purple (can't remember the name), Rimmel purple/blue duochrome and these awesome little Sally Girl Gold Glitters....

May your loved ones be healthy and happy, and may your Nail Mojo never leave you....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lemming Fix-Tristam!

Oh, I was so bad.....I finally gave in one night, surfing Llarowe's site and saw she had A-England Tristam in stock. This has been a lemming of mine ever since I saw it on Nihrida's site. Really, very few pictures do it justice. The camera does NOT want to pick up the purple tones in this polish, and it is very visible in person.

Enough talk, here are some pictures. This is almost a one-coater, but 2 coats bring out the depth....

2 coats, with SV topcoat:

 Above 2 pics in sunlight...didn't help the purple-pick-up issue, lol

 You can almost see it here....

 Above 4 pictures, under Ott light, indoors
Hahahhaa, my 80 full-sized bottles have arrived, now I can REALLY play with Frankens. I may have mentioned I am working on opening an etsy store...slow going, but that is ok. I want to put on some of my soap, leather, fleece and polish creations. Maybe some jewelry, too! I know, everybody and their dog is selling polish now, but I have wanted to sell my other crafts for a long time, but couldn't do craft fairs becasue I didn't have the space or money to build a decent inventory.