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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gold Holo Franken

Hey there! I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday.

We celebrated Christmas at my daughter's home, the first real Christmas she has had there, since she moved in right before the holiday last December. Good food, card games and plenty of silly string...for those if you that don't know the mess of silly string-think foam string that shoots out of a can at people. My son got me right on the face and then the race was on! A few minutes later...we had to start the clean-up, hehehehe. It was WORTH it!!! I am a rowdy Mom:)
Ok, my mani has my gellac back on...all the crafts made me cut my nails down to almost teeny nubbins from nicks, splits and dents. So I put the gellac/gel nails back on-just 2 coats of clear base coat for strength.
Two coats of Sinful Colors Timbleberry and 2 coats of a Gold Holo franken.

 Below is the franken I made from gold holo fine glitter, and gold holo bar glitter-very pretty topper to any color!
 Also I took a picture of all the finished leather Altoid boxes. The one on the top was my first. There is  a Trillium flower painted on the top. They grow wild here up in the mountains if you are lucky enough to catch their blooming season

And here is a sneaky little devil helping himself to someones water cup while she was napping. I couldn't resist catching Goliath at this, it cracked me up. Yes, I did tell her it was raided by him, hahahaha....I'm not that mean!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pimp My Mani!! oh, and some gift /craft pics

I topped my last mani with some Franken holo topcoat that I made with spectraflair and suspension base clear polish. So, yea I made it even flashier, lol!
I have a new mani, but I thought I would do the holo re-do first, my new mani and then some gift/craft pictures.

Oooooo, all you holo lovers out there should be drooling right now, lol!! (Neelai, that is you!)
Ok, enough of that, on to tonight's mani!

Orly Ingenue, 2 coats and O My, Blingy!

Wow, I can almost see green, gold, and who knows what other colors flashing in this. I love this polish. It didn't take very long to dry, went on thinly and easily-a bit easy to pool if I put on to much, but easily corrected.
OK, next....
Craft stuff- I took lots of pictures, but I am only posting a few right now, and I will post more after the holiday if anyone is interested in how I did the boxes.

I took an Altoids candy tin and covered it with some upholstery-grade leather I bought off eBay. Remnants like this are fairly cheap, and many pieces were quite large. I glued the leather on with a specific glue that dries flexible and works with leather and metal. I wanted to make these for my girls to put tampons and pads in, because I don't know about other ladies, but I hate having these items floating around and most containers/bags are dead a giveaway when you pull them out of your purse or pocket.

This is one of the finished boxes. I planned on it being "simpler" but I had to hide some of the edges that were bugging it got a bit fancier, hahahaha! The little knot on the lid is to open it.

Here are some nail polish frankens I also have made for presents for my girls...

Ok, enough pictures for tonight. I hope this gave you some ideas or that you at least enjoyed looking at the pictures. Take care and if you celebrate Christmas or similar holiday, enjoy, if you don't, take care anyway and enjoy your week!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My first Christmas mani

I finally broke down, put away some of my un-Christmas-y polishes... and did something that makes me feel the season a bit.

I got this idea from  when she pulled out her red holo nail polish...her mani was MUCH cooler!!! She reminded me that I had made a red spectraflair franken, so here we go!

Two coats of my super easy Red holo franken (this stuff dries really fast with spectraflair in it) and stamping with Konad m5, using NYC french mani white.

This would definitely look better with a downward slope on my nails, but I have what I have.....funky nails! This is with SV as a topcoat.

I started out stamping with the star on one of the Bundlemonster plates, but the corners of the star would not lift with the I switched to my konad plate and I had lift-off! YAY!

I love how this turned out, so glossy and glowy...and I didn't see any smears, so life is good...
Gift/craft stuff.....I have made a few leather-covered altoid boxes for tampon/pad  holders, some big gummi bear soaps, even with cherry scent!
Small leather id holders are next.....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glitter Blizzard! and some other fun

This mani was totally inspired by Anita at She does some amazing nail work and has gorgeous nails to boot, hahaha! Thank-you for the fabulous idea, Anita!

Started this late at night and needed a simple, quick but pretty mani, since I have a reputation to keep up at work! But first you get to see some nail porn...NAKED NAILS! The staining finally grew out and they look pretty darn good to me...
My nails are translucent in some places, because I had been working in the kitchen, cooking and doing dishes, so afterwards I slathered them with argan oil and let it soak in...
Ok, on to the easy-peasy mani:

On clear gel nails, I sponged NYC french mani white starting at the tips and making a gradient...
Over the top of that, one coat of Wet N Wild Hallucinate. Over the top of that, one coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Sorry for the blurry pictures, but I was trying to get the PI polish to show up like it does in real life...

OK, I really like how simple and effective this look is. The green and blue flashes were much more noticeable in person. Gorgeous and a bit flashy without being TOO flashy...I know...not like me right?!
On to some craft/homemade fun!
My compromise to actually giving away my Christmas ideas if the kids look at this post, is...

Experiment number one.......

Hmmm, not dark enough and a bit too soft, back to the drawing board for more Brown Iron Oxide and a bit more beeswax.... E-mail me if you need help or want to know what these are going to be hahaha!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I missed stamping....

I haven't done a stamped mani for some time and tonight I realized I have missed those manis. Weird, I know, but life has been just a little too hectic to take much time with nail stamping.

Tonight, even though my weekend was a little crazy...I felt the need for a konadicure, or what passes for one in my home :0)

One coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme for a base. Then one coat of Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl (*sigh* I hate the name but love the color). Here is the uncleaned version of how that looks, even though you may have seen it before.

These pictures definitely DON'T do this polish any justice. All sorts of subtle glitter in a purple base, and just gorgeous to apply, also.

I didn't want to hide any of the purple flash, so I decided to stamp some leaves near the edges with Sally Hansen Black Pearl Chrome. They turned out very pretty (if you don't look close, LOL)

Much prettier in person, though. The purple glitter flashes more frequently and is more visible. In these pictures, seems like only the other colors of glitter are showing :0(

**I have a quick question...I want to put more of my craft things on, but what do you think? I originally started this as a crafty blog, but the fingernail polish has taken over. Do you mind if I put occasional craft projects on? I am working nightly on presents for my family, but I won't be able to post them until after the Holidays :0) My girls are sneaky enough....I can't let the secrets out until Christmas, Mouhahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!** If you are really curious, e-mail me :0)