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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring, really?!

Wow...just went for a quick walk up the mountainside  with Nova and it is chilly but gorgeous out. I am sure the huge pawprint I saw was a young bear. The snow is almost gone except for some plowed piles, and there are buds on the bushes. Even the birds are getting rowdy.
Have to decide what craft to work on today....Do I wash more fleece so I can eventually spin it? Or do I start carding some of the new colors I just finished dying? I have 2 large/whole sheep fleece given to me by a very nice lady. We bought a snowmobile from her husband and I was drooling over her sheep. Turned out she had some fleece from last year she didn't know what to do with. So I took a chance and brought the stinky guys home. I spread a big flat sheet out in my living room and brought one bag in. Darn thing filled up my tiny living room when I spread it out! At any rate, I skirted it as best I knew how and got rid of the nastier stuff. Our cat, Goliath thought it was nummy, and Nova, (our lab/border collie cross) was in doggie heaven, cause I let her sniff away. It actually wasn't THAT stinky....

I think I will wash some more, but here are some of the colors I have made so far with miscellaneous dyes. Can you guess which ones I used Kool-Aid on?!

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