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Monday, April 11, 2011

Trying to slow down the jungle

Starting to get a little worried  that all of our green things will get too "leggy" before we have a chance to put them outside. Normally no one plants outside until after Mother's Day in this still a rough month left to go. Only problem is...darn things just might get too far by then! So we have turned down the temp on the heater, to slow them down and toughen up the seedlings. Hope it works. Most current pics this weekend:
Watermelon seedling-looking healthy

Darn zucchini is trying to take over my fennel!
Peas are happy and already vining around everything...need to
search the house for cheap supports. Daughter was thinking wire coat
hangers... me, I was thinking tomato cages

Can't leave Nova out! She has her "Happy Dog" look on

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