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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is that a metallic polish or what?!

I got asked that question when I wore this mani earlier this week, and I honestly couldn't answer...."Um, it's actually 3 different polishes and yes, one was gold!" This one was Totally Fun to do! I purchased OPI Austen-tatious Turquoise from Amazon and a pinkish-plum holo ...but this one won me over, because it is a purple-turquoise duo chrome...but you all knew that! I am just slow to find current fashion colors...or even old ones!

I put on 1 good solid coat of SH Black Out for a base, because the OPI is SHEER (look on the pic below in the background...paper with some polish on it). Turns out, the black was perfect! The picture above is 2 coats of the OPI ATT, and it looks amazing, imo. It is hard to catch the purple but I really didn't care, it looked so yummy.

Then...because I can NEVER leave well enough alone...I sponged on Pure Ice, Jaguar...which is really a gorgeous color but looks horrible on me with nothing else...HORRIBLE!

But enough of is the finished mani...are you drooling?! (pictures don't do it justice)

This mani was really distracting lol...soooo pretty and every now and then I would catch the purple and gold as I typed at work....weeee!


Paulina said...

it's not horrible! i like it

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

I actually really like the gradient you made.

Gottwinkies said...

Paulina, thank you so much! When I wore the gold all alone on my nails (with no darker polish), my skin looked ultra pale. ABOP, sometimes my crazy whims work out well, because I loved the gold gradient....loveloveloved it! Thank you both!