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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Northern Lights Mani and my failed first water marble

Hi there! I just got my first goodies from another blogger/blog sale, and boy was it worth it! I bought some beautiful polishes from ABOP and couldn't wait to play with them. The first one I played with was Misa Wishing On A Star and it is GORGEOUS! look!

I wanted to do a mani that didn't cover the base, because it rocks. I also wanted to do something that would bring out the pretty flecks of color in the base. You tell me if I was successful!
I first tried to water marble with these colors. Need I say more? Total FAIL...pic below...

Two coats of WOAS over a base coat ( I use whatever, LOL!), and sponged on Revlon Silver Dollar and then a bit of OPI Austen-tatious TURQUOISE ( it right!) over the tips of the silver sponging. By the way, the OPI is not as bright over a light base....

Then several coats of top coat, I love the result, what do you think??

And last but not least, my failed water marble. After 3 tries, all miserably bad....I went online and watched a lot of YouTube videos on how-to LOL! I think my water was cold, and that seems to be the only thing I did different. My polish didn't spread out much after the first drop, and ended up in a big blob on my nails. I take all input on how to improve on this skill! ABOP convinced me to try it on my accent fingers first, and I thought this polish would rock in a water marble...*sigh* (it really would have been cool)


Olivia C. said...

Pretty polish!
Keep working on your water marbling. Mine looked like that the first few times, but once you get into it and get the hang of everything, it will look so good! And I don't think that looks too bad for a first try! :)

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

That looks awesome on you - and you did succeed in drawing attention to the colored flecks.
The marble looks fine when I zoom in, I see some swirls. Maybe practice with higher contrast colors till you're comfortable with it?
I haven't tried marbling with shimmers - just cremes so far, so can't say if that's a factor or not.

Gottwinkies said...

Olivia, Thanks! I will keep trying because it is just too cool to not keep trying LOL!
ABOP, thank you as well...I will try with the cremes and see if that makes a difference.
Thanks to both of you...I needed feedback!!

Paulina said...

i'm also not a good 'water marbler' ;p

Gottwinkies said...

Hehehehe, I am not giving up yet! I will post my next result :)