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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grurple Leopard Print!

I know...but that was the best I could do on 5 hours of sleep and not nearly enough caffeine :0)
I have a few pics of my Sunday/Monday/Tuesday mani and then the one I just's cool! The first one...not so much, heeheeeheee! But dessert first! YUM!

I wanted to try out the leopard print BM plate finally....and I made myself NOT copy all the pretty summer manis out there...yellows, oranges, etc....Even though I really wanted to-those look awesome! So I went with SH Mint Sorbet, Orly Charged Up, and Sinful Colors (cripes, now I have to get the bottle!)Ahhh, Last Chance!! I love that deep rich green.

I did a diagonal stripe with Charged Up, but it's fairly runny and sheerish, so in hindsight, scotch tape would have helped me get a nice thick layer the first time around. It took a few swipes with the brush, look-
Too pale!  I also did the SH  Mint Sorbet on the opposite side, not worrying too much about neatness and this is why!

Last Chance covered the imperfections. I actually planned the purple for the middle, but that is where the lack of sleep kicked in-grrr.

Then a quick coating of some cheapy little BonBon blue-green glitter that I got for frankening.
I almost left it there...pretty! But I wanted to see how the leopard print did across the glitter. I used Wet N Wild Black to stamp with, and it works pretty darn good! I just realized (light bulb moment) that I have been pressing WAY too hard on my scraper and stamping tool to pick up the pattern...I think I have been actually pushing the polish out of the plate pattern and making it look funky-hmmmm sometimes too little sleep can be enlightening...
So again, the finished mani with SV over the top-A little darker thanI wanted, but still pretty in my opinion.

It's Grurpalicious! Try saying that five times fast and see if you don't get arrested! Hahaha..
OK, now the boring mani...pretty, but boring
That's it...I did add a leopard print in black on my ring finger last night and THAT looked pretty cool...That is one that bears repeating...stamping over a holo polish-niiiice!
Hey, did ya notice my cuticles? I followed a fellow blogger over to loodie loodie loodie and she has an awesome site if you want to learn about nail care. I took some of her advice to heart and found a product hanging around that I multi-purposed and started using on my cuticles and hands (feet too, btw) and my hands and cuticles are looking amazing, I think. Amazing because my hands have always been ultra dry with mangled cuticles. My mom taught me to push my cuticles back regularly, but that only goes just so far. At any rate, the constant moisturizing with this mixture of vegetable/vegan oils has really helped. Three Cheers to Loodie!! (Even my crazy little piggies look better for the moisturizing!)
OK, enough blather, have a great night and stay dry, smoke free and safe, where ever you live (we have forest fires here)


Irishenchantment said...

gorgeous! i love it :)

Gottwinkies said...

Glad you liked it! Sometimes what I think is cool...hmmm, maybe not to others, hahaha

Nail Nerd said...

Those both turned out so well! I haven't tried the leopard plate yet but I love what you did with it and the stripes behind -- the colors really do look great together.

Gottwinkies said...

Awww, Thank-you! I couldn't decide if I went overboard on this one!

Paulina said...

wow! you're manis are getting better and better! nice!!!!

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Yaay for happy cuticles! Moisture really does make a difference. Love the leopard mani!

Gottwinkies said...

Paulina: That is the BEST compliment! Thank-you :0)
ABOP:Pictures might not show it, but I sure noticed it, the stuff is called Natural 7 Argan oil by great on hands and feet,lol. Thank-you!