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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Subtle French Mani with Flakie franken

After my last manicure, I felt like I should go subtle...but I think I went to subtle! My 18 year old told me it was boring, LOL!
A few posts pack, I posted about adding flakies to sheer-ish polishes. I used one in this mani.

In some of these you can see the subtle flashes of flakie goodness, but it doesn't come right out and bop you on the nose, LOL! I added some accent flowers with a dotting tool and  tiny gold balls. Very lady-like very calming...BORING was right LOL!
Then I was stupid and realized I still had to give my dog her medicine, because she is terrified of most loud-ish not worth missing a dosage. Here is the damage...
It was worse, but I licked a finger and smoothed the heck out of it....this I could live with for a day (french mani's never last long with me, the white starts looking "dirty").

Several weeks ago, we installed a new door in our house and my hubby took a picture of me using a router to cut a spot for the faceplate on the door. I didn't plan on putting it up here, simply because I look like hell, the house was messy behind me and really, who wants to see a 40-something lady sweating over a doorknob installation?! Ah, well, It might explain something about me...I LIKE doing stuff like this, I can change the oil on my car and even replace a few parts, and I am the one that explains things to the mechanic. My husband is pretty proud of this, I think and my sister-in-laws a little weirded-out, LOL. That's OK-I like doing things for myself and I don't have issues about husband and wife "jobs" in the home. Legacy of being the youngest of five with 3 older brothers.
*sigh* yah, not a petite! Have a great one!


Paulina said...

i like this french! i wish i could do sth like this :)

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

The french looks great! I do see that the flakies - even though they don't jump out at you - are providing quite a bit of subtle sparkle.
I think everyone should learn how to take care of some of the "guy" things, and love that you enjoy it!

Gottwinkies said...

Paulina, I am surprised you can't do this, you have awesome fingernail art.
ABOP, Thank-you so much! You ROCK!!