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Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Zombie Lovin" Halloween Franken-pic heavy

I had the best of intentions making this franken, Really! I wanted a franken that kind of reminded me of Glitter Gal's Lizard Belly, but not holo, maybe some glitter and texture. What I got was a gory mess that could only be named aptly, "Zombie Lovin ".  I tell you what, though, it grows on me as I wear it, LOL! I started with a dark green and added color-morphing pigment and gold-ish glitter. The color morph is red to green, hence the zombie effect...

At any rate, it is truly a Halloween-style polish and perfect for decorating with red blood drops and anything else nasty lol...
I was out of town for work at a training when I tried this out, so bear with the mess/weird lighting. See the red? 2 zombies, havin some fun, lol! This is 2 coats with SV as a top coat.

Now here is the COOL green bright!
Here are some other frankens I made with Spectraflair last night for some friends, but it will be really tough to give these away!

I love how rich and dark this one turned out! This is 2 coats.

This blue holo made me happy and cheerful to no end! I love my blues and this is made from Pure Ice French Kiss  which is a truly awesome polish. This franken is a 1-coater! Woo-hoo!
Well, I have to, rainy and dreary today and I am going to make some homemade bread and stew...yummmm. Take care!

(Anyone else having problems with certain letters disappearing in Blogspot? I had to change the font for my Z in the first paragraph for it to show on my post...weird!)


Paulina said...

wow! amazing!

Nail Nerd said...

Oh wow that's a purdy one, well done!

Gottwinkies said...

Heeheheehe...the red threw me for a bit until I came to LOVE it, LOL! Thank-you both :0)