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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chocolate Crocodiles!! + some furballs

Oh, wow...this was not my favorite stamp to start with, but it is growing on me like...never mind, can't think of anything not gross lol!

At any rate, our local Walgreen's was having a sale on Sinful Colors polish...why? NO clue! This stuff is normally $1.99 a bottle, and the sale made it $0.99/bottle...yeah, I had to restrain my spending urges, cause I was feeling down....So I only bought 3 bottles, Mouhahahahha!
Even worse, then I saw Sally Beauty Supply was still open-Woot!? Bopped in there and they had a 'buy a Poshe TC, get the cuticle treatment for free'-Man they pushed all my cheap buttons!!Since my cuticles have been growing their own hair, it was a no-brainer :0)
OK, I bought one polish for me and 2 for a swap I am working on. I kept Sinful Colors Nirvana...YUM....

3 coats with top coat, but only to dry it faster....chocolaty goodness like this gets marred too quickly!
2 coats would have been enough...but I had some blips to cover.

Stamped with Sally Hansen Chrome nail polish and BM 224 I think....
Not snakeskin, but definitely reptilian...I finally decided it reminded me of crocodile skin...I can live with this, snakes might take longer....
Not the best stamping. not the best pictures-and it looks WAY better in person. As I looked at my gnarly fingers all day, I decided that it was fairly work-appropriate-the color, that is. Most workplaces probably wouldn't like the stamp...but it was perfect at my work. So as I grew on me.

On to the furballs! First, I love my pets. Almost as much as I love my kids and they have complained about this many times. We have 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 ferret...oh and I can't forget 1 lone gerbil that we somehow inherited from my oldest daughter. All are rescues-or have rescued me. My cat, Goliath falls into the second category-he rescued us, when my first dog was very sick and old....He had been abandoned by his previous owners and it took my daughter 2 weeks to catch his wily butt.
Who could NOT love a 15 pound noisy furball that looks like this? He is my big, mean and protective baby. He and his fellow kitty, Dove have stayed with us :0)
Nova (Latin for "new") was at a pet shelter and I know she was abused to some degree...but she is happy now and is my sweet pup.
Ya, I know, she wants another doggie treat, lol

Take care, everyone...I will be gone for a week starting this reunion...But I promise I will be back! 


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Nirvana looks amazing on you! Thanks for sharing your fur babies.

Gottwinkies said...

You are such a doll, ABOP! I liked how it looked against my skin, even though it's a cool neutral. Also...thanks for not calling me weird for posting the furbabies....hahaha!

Paulina said...

cute pets!! :) the cat reminds me of a raccoon ;p

Gottwinkies said...

Paulina, thank-you! You are sweet, and Correct! he has always reminded me a bit of a racoon, too!

Emm said...

Your pets are absolutely adorable and I love labs:)

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you Emm! She has all the best qualities of both breeds in her....they told me border collie and black lab...but really, I could care less, she stole my heart with one look!