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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pimp My Mani!! oh, and some gift /craft pics

I topped my last mani with some Franken holo topcoat that I made with spectraflair and suspension base clear polish. So, yea I made it even flashier, lol!
I have a new mani, but I thought I would do the holo re-do first, my new mani and then some gift/craft pictures.

Oooooo, all you holo lovers out there should be drooling right now, lol!! (Neelai, that is you!)
Ok, enough of that, on to tonight's mani!

Orly Ingenue, 2 coats and O My, Blingy!

Wow, I can almost see green, gold, and who knows what other colors flashing in this. I love this polish. It didn't take very long to dry, went on thinly and easily-a bit easy to pool if I put on to much, but easily corrected.
OK, next....
Craft stuff- I took lots of pictures, but I am only posting a few right now, and I will post more after the holiday if anyone is interested in how I did the boxes.

I took an Altoids candy tin and covered it with some upholstery-grade leather I bought off eBay. Remnants like this are fairly cheap, and many pieces were quite large. I glued the leather on with a specific glue that dries flexible and works with leather and metal. I wanted to make these for my girls to put tampons and pads in, because I don't know about other ladies, but I hate having these items floating around and most containers/bags are dead a giveaway when you pull them out of your purse or pocket.

This is one of the finished boxes. I planned on it being "simpler" but I had to hide some of the edges that were bugging it got a bit fancier, hahahaha! The little knot on the lid is to open it.

Here are some nail polish frankens I also have made for presents for my girls...

Ok, enough pictures for tonight. I hope this gave you some ideas or that you at least enjoyed looking at the pictures. Take care and if you celebrate Christmas or similar holiday, enjoy, if you don't, take care anyway and enjoy your week!!

1 comment:

Anita said...

Gorgeous frankens! I've not gotten into frankens myself, I'm too afraid I'll end up with something ugly that I'll never use.
Those covered tins are great, It's not nail related, but I for one wouldn't mind seeing a tutorial on them, I think they're a great idea!