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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whoo-Hoo! Swap results

I finally received my swap package from Buzzwheedle! She sent awesome and amazing goodies, and it was fun going through looking at the different countries the polishes came from. OK, I'm easy-it doesn't take much to make me happy!

At any rate, I will probably be doing manis with these fun polishes in the next few weeks. I already did my toes...but I will be  merciful and NOT subject you to my winter toes, LOL!
Here are a few pics of my new loot!

The total loot breakage and it was like my birthday a month early! (Yeeks, I turn 45 next month!)

*Sigh* look at those flakies! I never thought I would have this particular polish...and I didn't realize how many different colors of flakies this has!

This is Essence Choose me! and I totally fell in love with it....this is what is on my funky little piggies.

I had never participated in a swap before and I was so glad that I had. Thank-you Buzzwheedle! I hope to see you blogging again when you find more time :0) *Hugs* to you dear lady!

I had picked up 2 of the Fingerpaints flakies before I received my Netherlands package. The thing is...the Golden Rose Scale Effect is like mixing FP Asylum and Flecked! Hands-down, Golden Rose SE tops the Fingerpaints in my opinion, just because of the range of color to get lost in....

I'm off to eat some of my daughter's homemade bread with some honey...nomnomnom!  Stay safe, hug your loved ones, and paint your nails!


Amy Deluxe said...

I really love the colours, and i've also got hge essence choose me, its soo amazing!!
Please check out my blog and maybe follow me if you like to:

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you Amy! I love blues and greens and ANYTHING this one fit the bill!