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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Butterfly Nirvana

Hope everyone had a fun and safe St.Patrick's Day if you celebrated! I'm not much of a party-er and stayed home and relaxed with family.

This mani evolved while I worked on it...I initially planned on stamping a chrome black right over Sinful Colors Nirvana, but I saw an untried and got maybe a bit carried away, hehehehe...
2 coats of SC Nirvana-love this color...

 Combined lighting from Ott light and fluorescent light bulb, above.

Just a tiny little Ott light I found-makes me look pale but maybe the most color-accurate picture.

Now with the untried...Sally Hansen Glass Slipper-ooh are those white Flakies I see?? Yup, I think they are. My friend Saundie bought this and was telling me how pretty it was. I had seen it, but didn't realize what it would look like on the nail...awesome polish imo.
 Above, with no topcoat...a little bumpy

Ooooh, you can see them better in this picture...tiny little flakie goodness in my eyes :0)

OK, it looks better from a distance, I know...close up the color accents on the butterflies are a bit wonky, but I still love them. This may be one of those times when I should have stopped while I was ahead, but I wanted a tiny bit more color on this mani. Nirvana is such a cool/odd color to put other colors with, I am not very confident in my color pairings with this one.

Here is a pic of the Sally Hansen Glass Slippers-looks like a plain Jane glitter polish to me!


MissAdelinne said...

I love those accent nails!

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Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you MissAdeline! Glad you visited my blog!