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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lemming Fix-Tristam!

Oh, I was so bad.....I finally gave in one night, surfing Llarowe's site and saw she had A-England Tristam in stock. This has been a lemming of mine ever since I saw it on Nihrida's site. Really, very few pictures do it justice. The camera does NOT want to pick up the purple tones in this polish, and it is very visible in person.

Enough talk, here are some pictures. This is almost a one-coater, but 2 coats bring out the depth....

2 coats, with SV topcoat:

 Above 2 pics in sunlight...didn't help the purple-pick-up issue, lol

 You can almost see it here....

 Above 4 pictures, under Ott light, indoors
Hahahhaa, my 80 full-sized bottles have arrived, now I can REALLY play with Frankens. I may have mentioned I am working on opening an etsy store...slow going, but that is ok. I want to put on some of my soap, leather, fleece and polish creations. Maybe some jewelry, too! I know, everybody and their dog is selling polish now, but I have wanted to sell my other crafts for a long time, but couldn't do craft fairs becasue I didn't have the space or money to build a decent inventory.


loodie loodie loodie said...

Sweet!! I look forward to seeing your crafts on etsy!

Gottwinkies said...

Loodie, you are such a sweetie! Thank-you!