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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Bits of Insanity....

WOW, has it really been so has! I have done lots of manis...haven't posted them, but here are several to either like or not! Mouhahahahaaa! After, an update on other things if you are interested...

Brown franken of mine...holo brown, yummmm...

WOW, this one is an old one! I can't remember the colors I used but the gorgeous sparkly one was a gift from my lovely friend partner in polish addiction, that is, lol!

Below...*sigh* I LOVE A England's Elaine....and I love Lynderella's Change. Are you drooling yet?

Really? Help you with the rusty truck brakes right after I started my nails?! Yes, I did indeed help and only had to re-do one nail, hahahahaha, I am that good!
I made this franken after seeing some similar ones online and seeing ABOP's white franken-decided I had to have my own. I am totally groovin on this white jelly w/glitter look!

Catherine Arley-have no idea of the name, it was a swap gift from Lovely Buzzwheedle!
This was my first attempt at decals, and I totally muffed it, they only stayed on 1 day and then just popped off-topcoat and all. Let me know if you can actually tell what the pictures are, hahahahaa...not my best work, but fun! My hubby thought it was cool-score!

OK, update time...I have polishes and jewelry up on etsy---fun!

Other news-husband is doing well-but heart has not recovered as much as we hoped after his surgery in April. That is OK, though-he feels SO much better and it will take time. He is back to working and just had a defibrillator surgically put in and was home from the hospital after less than 24 hours. If you ever want information on this bizarre/fun topic of heart health...just e-mail me. If I could stand for more than an hour comfortably, I would have gone to nursing school :0) Medical stuff has always been fascinating to me and I did go into a medically-related field in college.

Thanks for sticking with me when I haven't posted much, and reading my craziness...I shall post again sooner! No more teens in the home, so I get my computer back, YAY!


Marias Nail Art said...

It's good to have you back!
I'm happy your husband is feeling better, even if he has not recovered as good as you hoped.
A lot of nice manis, thanks for sharing!

Gottwinkies said...

Maria, you are such a sweetie, thank-you so much! Glad you like the manis and I finally got a chance to visit your blog-So Cool!

Enchanting Cosmetics said...

Love you white jelly glitter!