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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blued and Tattooed

I have a phrase I use that describes when something really bad happens (engine blows on your car when you are in the middle of Nowhere) might be an old phrase (probably is) but it goes like this, "...I am screwed, blued and tattooed" So that is where this post title comes from-weird, I know, but that is just me!

No bad news for me or my family-just describes these manis :0)
If you can guess, I finally figured out the tattoo stuff and basically, I have given up on making my own fingernail decals unless I can find a better product to print on.

Here we go-
2 coats of NYC french mani white, and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Cinderella-gorgeous!

SC Cinderella over white makes my heart is just the effect it has on me!

The only place I found tattoos at WalMart was in the "party" supplies aisle and these were in a pack for party favors, wow! There were 4 different sheets of designs in the package and I was pretty happy to finally try this. SO easy!  I didn't do it like some of the tutorials I have seen, I just very carefully cut out the ones I wanted, laid the paper design-side down on my dry nail and dabbed them carefully with a damp rag. They slid right onto my nail-Like Butter! SV over the top and GO!

AND, on to another blue mani...

New polish I found the same time I found the tattoos, Maybelline Color Show-Denims it must be part of a "Denims Collection" because it had a separate color on top-I just can't remember at the mo.

I really loved this color/polish but it dried almost too quickly. One coat almost did the trick. Accent finger done in Pure Ice Jaguar and stamped (yes, I did!) with the same blue polish that is on on the other fingers. YAY for finding a new stamping polish! That little glass fleck effect in MCS Denims did not hamper the stamping at all....

Quite a few compliments on this second mani, including some from guys.
I really do get a kick out of it when guys like my nails-and when they are confident enough to comment on them. I take that as a high compliment, even though hubby thinks guys are flirting when this happens, hahahaha!


Abop Laquerlove said...

You found the tattoos, yaaay! Both manis are awesome. I love that Maybelline blue on you, but the accent nail steals the mani - fabulous!

Gottwinkies said...

ABOP: LOL, Thanks, you are so sweet! The guys that commented seem to like the zebra print also!