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Friday, October 12, 2012

Butterfly Daydreams!

I have a mani with tattoos again.....I am loving this look!

2 coats of a Believe Beauty Purply-Pink....I can't remember the color (long week, sorry!)

I had a bit of bubbling with this-you might be able to see it in this picture-

I had forgotten to take a picture and you can see I had already put a layering polish over my pinkie-woops!

Above, my new polish called What Halo?! In the light box, you can see all the golden shimmer.
Below-under just an Ott light, it looks a bit different.
Butterfly tattoos! They were in the center of the tattoo sheet-otherwise my fingers would have been all a flutter with butterflies!

Below, my right hand-not too bad considering I am right handed, and taking a picture with my left hand is a bugger, lol! Any lefties out there notice all the darn cameras are made for righties?!
This was a really lovely mani that I was sad to sparkly and cheerful!

Take care and here are two parting picture for kicks and giggles...

This is  my Nova...she brought her ball in on my bed and was determined it wouldn't sneak away on her again! ( I hate this blanket but it was cheap and I needed one!)
Who else has a black pet that is nearly impossible to photograph? GAH!
Below, little miss Dove (who is tremendously skittish) found NIRVANA. She made her own bed in my box of hand-carded alpaca fleece, and I didn't have the heart to make her leave it.

Take care, all!



Abop Laquerlove said...

I love the way this looks with your franken layered over it. Cute butterfly too!

Paulina said...

super pretty!
cute pets!