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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dotticure with Pure Ice polishes & giveaway heads-up!

This mostly uses Pure Ice, but the white dots are Sinful Shine. I've seen some great dotticures by friends on Facebook, so this mani is totally inspired by my friend, Things I Love At The Moment! The lovely Pointless Cafe got me well and truly hooked on Pure Ice with her Thrifty Thursdays posts, too! 

I am on Instagram now as 6 Harts.... And for those of you that know me, also on Facebook as 6Harts :0)

Lavender growing like crazy in my mother-in-law's garden, and the alpacas below...these boys are soooo curious!

Take care and don't forget to visit to enter her birthday giveaway!! There are 2 6 Harts Polishes and lots of other great prizes!

1 comment:

Marias Nail Art said...

Those lavenders - I can almost smell them, uhhhmmmm :)
And that little alpaca is so sweet, they have such sweet sounds :)