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Friday, August 16, 2013

Cover your eyes!!

This was called retina-searing by a certainly freaked out my camera! I don't have a name for the Color Club polish, but it was part of a collection I bought at Ross Dres For Less....truly, this thing is freaking bright, but fun!
Sinful Colors 24/7 went on first.... 2 coats, then a friend convinced to to sponge and then stamp. Like the crazy woman that I am... I did... At like 9:30 pm lol!
Um, yeah.... Retina-searing.... Thank-you to the real mynailpolishobsession (IG)  for pegging it right on the mark. 
Ahaaaaaa, thank you to the lovely Marnie who convinced me to do this!!! It totally rocked and is one of the few manis I will be sad to take off! I stamped alternating white and silver using bundle monster plates..... Still loving it even though it's chipping :(

Kitten-y fun, lol
Ooooh, almost forgot, BEE pictures too!
The tiny red arrows point to bee eggs! Don't ya love how the one bee sort of posed? Looks a little like the Unibomber pics.... Too weird!

Take care, cover your eyeballs for 6 hours to recover, now!
Talk at ya later!! 


Marias Nail Art said...

What a lovely and bold mani :)
And sweet kitten and bee photos too :)

MissGreenEyes said...

I love it, super bright and cheery! Like Barbie x 1,000,000. Love the bee pics!