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Friday, March 25, 2011

Soap the easy way..

I got this awesome deal on our local craigslist. I bought 2 huge boxes of melt and pour soap and all sorts of soap molds and other goodies for like $25. It was easily about $200 worth of bubbly craft fun! Here is one of the 25lb boxes of soap-takes a big knife to get the chunks loose...

This stuff is really easy to work with if you have a microwave and some microwavable glass containers. I have bought 2lb. blocks of M&P soap at the local craft place, Michaels for $10, that was why this was such a great deal.

I never measure or weigh this kind of stuff, again, pretty forgiving to work with. I like using glass because it doesn't absorb tastes and smells from the soap. This is a 4 cup measuring cup. I microwaved this much for about 3-4 minutes...checking and breaking up chunks in-between.

Not quite done, still some chunkies in the mix...nuke it a bit longer
Here are the scents and colors I decided to go with....Orange scent, orange soap color and some cool red/brown powdered mica (leftover from another craft, not sure if it will work ok), oh, and the soap molds. I just wipe these bad boys out with a dry paper towel to get any dust and kitty hair out. Add the coloring and scent to your preference and stir gently (I just used a butter knife, really!) then pour gently into the molds so they are level. The bubbles can be removed by spraying alcohol on the soap, but I just shave these off with a sharp blade when everything is done. The cards are to level out the molds. These should sit for several hours and then I can flex the molds a bit and they usually pop out very nicely.


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

That's a super deal for so much soap! I find the prices for melt & pour soap at michael's and joann's too high for me to make soap as often as I'd like. (I love soap, and have my family gift me specialty soaps for birthdays and christmas :) )

Gottwinkies said...

Hubby actually found that deal, and suggested we get it. I have made truly homemade soap before, so this is much simpler and quicker, Thanks for your comments!