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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spinning (aka making yarn)

So I admit to being hopelessly obsessed with just about any craft. My awesome mom-in-law was going to take a spinning class and I was trying to be good and NOT try this craft. My wonderful hubby suggested I go with her, so I caved in. OMG-didn't think I would like this, because it seemed like a LOT of work, but I loved it. Hopelessly hooked-again. It is very soothing for me and wonderful to hold and make these soft fibers into yarn. I can crochet pretty good and do basic knitting, so of course I had to amp up my skills to use the yarn I make! Here are some pics if you don't know what the heck spinning is in the craft world.

The white yarn is a project I am working on made out of Merino wool fiber and I still need to make some more (Darn nail polish addiction!) and the other picture is silk sari waste fibers I bought cheap on e-bay. I was mixing those in with the merino wool, but what a PIA! so I decided I was going to ply one strand of plain merino with the silk/wild mixture and see what happened! when I get that done, I will post a picture. Oh, and 3 CHEERS for the hubby that bought me a spinning wheel for Christmas (after trying to make one proved too tricky)!!

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