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Monday, May 23, 2011

Burgundy and Silver mani

My first instinct would have been to call this the Montana Grizzlies mani...Just our University football team colors :0)

I started out with Revlon Ruby Slippers Matte Suede...which is very pretty before topcoat, see?
You can see the pretty silver bits, but it just blossoms after I put on some SV...

I used Revlon Silver Dollar, some scotch tape and scrap booking scissors for some fun and voila!

In this picture, you might be able to see the little flashes of blue and silver in the Ruby Slipper.
um...ignore my cuticles...I work all day with paper and not only does it dry them out, but I rest my pen on my middle finger and that seems to do that one in totally...

A little flashy for me but Oh so pretty. I like the little stripey of silver on my ring finger...but I need to do it differently next time and sandwich the silver between two pieces of tape, instead of putting another piece of tape over the silver (ugh, it pulled up)

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