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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Berry Blingfest swatch

Here are some pics of the Franken I made for my friend Saundie, Berry Blingfest. She is a big fan of Zoya polishes and their colors, so I tried to make something with those tones.

I totally LOVE this color!The are tiny blue sparkles and in differnet light, it looks lighter and more golden-hued. This is 2 coats. I decided to wear this and stamp it, but I think it ruined the glitz!
Ah, well.....I really enjoyed making this franken!


Olivia C. said...

Love that! I don't think you ruined it with the stamp! It still looks good! And I love the name. :)

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you so much! My friend and I had fun finding a good name.

Anonymous said...

LOVE-LY! You are a sweetie! :)