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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, Sunny Day! (not)

I am getting Totally tired of rainy days on the weekends and oh, maybe 1 nice day during my work week, so I did something fun and funky for this past weekend. I just didn't get it posted on the blog! I hit CVS, thinking to get 1 polish if I found a color I couldn't pass on, and of course I came out of there with 2 Sally Hansen colors and 1 Rimmel on clearance for $1.07...Now tell me, could you have resisted?! Ha, I thought not!

I started with SH Blue me Away ( I think that was the name!) and it took me awhile to decide, but it reminded me of blue here ya go!

 After everything dried and I had decided what to do, I sponged on little clouds, except for the thumbs. Man alive, the suns were tricky, and not perfect, but ah, well! I sponged around the worst edges with some clouds. The yellow is also a SH yellow(if you want the exact colors, e-mail me, I'll dig them out LOL). On a whim I added a little bird to one thumb, but Iwasn't talented enough to do both thumbs :0) And little holo stars added on the other fingers. This definitely improved my attitude over the weekend, since I had my own sunny day with me no matter what! Yes, I am a bit of a hick and a redneck girl.....but hey, I am what I am!


Paulina said...

wow! that's very pretty :)

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you! It has been so rainy here and it really helped my attitude and mood. The "sky" color was just really cheery...