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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twisted Pink with flowers and other craziness

This mani is actually from last Monday (6/20) and I got sick with the flu during the that explains, what for unusual. I put this great and wild pink on and didn't do anything else with it!
The color is called Twisted Pink From Sally Hansen and these Xtreme Wear polishes continue to surprise and impress me.

This is the color and if you click on the pic, you might be able to see these subtle pinkish-gold shimmers. They are really amazing, imo. Sneaky little shimmers come out when you least expect it!
So I put 2 coats on Monday night and felt not so hot....duh-FLU!?... and left it at that.
Wednesday night, I felt much better and put one more coat on and dressed it up a wee bit with some flowers and some glitter.

 Three coats took care of the VNL and made the shimmer MORE visible! Yay!...I love polishes like this. I know I have said before I am not a pink girl...but you would not believe the compliments I received on this mani! I might have to become a bit of a pink girl...maybe....

The impressive part about this was that this mani stayed good, and I mean GOOD until the following Monday night. And not over a wimpy weekend, either. I was putting beehives together,

and welcoming 2 new "family" members in the form of baby Alpacas named Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn (Google "Mark Twain"  if these names don't ring a bell-not his best book, but an American classic).
OMG!...these little guys are cute in an ugly/weird way...and my fave, Huck, is a drooler and a whiner LOL! My mother-in-law got them for their fleece, since we both spin and Alpaca wool is amazingly soft!
Well...I'm off for the night to finish my toes! they have been wearing the same colors (orange with yellow and burgundy sponged on) for 3 weeks and it is getting OLD!


Paulina said...

omg what a cute animals :)))

i like the pink polish as well :)

Gottwinkies said...

Heeheeheehee, Thanks Paulina! The pink polish was fun and so were the alpacas!! They remind me of camels, with their funny noses and lips :)

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

I can't see your photos :(

Gottwinkies said...

They are back now...sort of! I was trying to manage my storage memory and didn't realize thhe photos would disappear from my blog, too! Ack! Lesson learned....

Paulina said...

to tell you the truth, I've never seen alpacas before :)))

Gottwinkies said...

It is definitely an animal I never expected to be around or help take care of! It is funny, because they were afraid of us at first. But then you breathe in their noses and they get very calm very fast. Very wild...but fun!