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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day-Glo green/yellow!

I picked up this little mini from Sally Beauty Supply and it was tiny but cheap and I wanted bottles for frankens LOL!

No name on it, I thought it would be sheer, it was. It took 3 coats, but WORTH it! Look!
That is 3 coats with topcoats sandwiched in between... So I let this site overnight to enjoy that almost glow-in-the-dark green/yellow glory! It really grew on me, I can tell you. But since I didn't think my boss would appreciate something that "in your face", I tried to tone it down with stamping.
I used SH Aquamarine Chrome, these ROCK for stamping. I got the idea from Sammy on her blog,
Thanks, Sammy!

A little bit of smearing because I didn't wait quite long enough for drying :0(
But this is friggin Awesome in my book!!


JQ said...

This is an awesome colour combo!

Hooray for all that wool! Happy Spinning ;p Can't wait to see some pics!

JQ said...

BTW I had NO idea that SH Chromes came in such a wide variety! I have 5 of them and love them for stamping. Wish I had them all!

Gottwinkies said...

JQ, Thanks! I will post a pic of one of my huge bags of dirty wool, lol!I just paid for the shearing, $45 for all 4 sheep. I thought it was an awesome deal for enough to keep me in spinning for a long time! Got my 20 yr old carding some of the washed /dyed fleece right now, Mouhahahahah!
Thanks for your comments!I love both of your blogs :0)