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Monday, July 11, 2011

I was tagged!

Thanks Paulina!!

Paulina from tagged me and it is called "Where do I store my cosmetics?"
I took pictures of my not very clean OR organized stashes of goodies to show you, and I will name 10 other lovely ladies to tag as well. Kind of interesting to see what products are found across the globe, really!

My nail supplies are in my craft room/guest bedroom in a sterilite container:

I tried keeping my colors separate from the topcoats, but my collection of colored polishes is growing too much, LOL!
In my bathroom, I keep any makeup and skin care items. Not as many items as I used to have, mostly because my skin has become more sensitive and so many things make me break out or itch. I make my own mineral make-up and use very little to clean my face. The scary big bottle of "super Cholesterol" stuff is leftover from a de-tangling project and I am too cheap to throw it in the garbage, hahaha!

So now that I have shown everyone my messy collection (and there are stashes of tiny items in the medicine cupboard also!), I am going to tag 10 other people. If they want to participate, they can/or choose not to, also, I totally would understand! Please mention it in your blog, if you do :0)


The Nail Buff said...

I love seeing other people's stash/storage :)
Thanks for the tag x

Gottwinkies said...

Glad you enjoyed my mess-fest, LOL! I didn't clean it up at all, I was surprised how much I enjoy looking at other people's collections, too! Gives me ideas on storage and things I want, lol!