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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Christmas Lights Mani & a peek at my jewelry-making

I have found that I need a tough mani every weekend. If I don't polish my nails, they break, and if I put something on that can stand up to my weekends, I am happy!

Flakies and glitters wear like armour, I have found. I have worn flakies on a calf-branding weekend with no breakage, and this is the kind of tough I need in the summer. One thick coat of SH Black Out, covered by 2 coats of ABOP's flakie franken and 2 coats of top coat~Viola! I have Christmas on my nails! Look at that flash!

*Sigh* I love my pretty little glittery things! The black base allowed me to see all the colors in this flakie polish-lovely.... Oh, and these pictures are after house cleaning and a few days of wear-so please ignore the state of my cuticles and skin!

On to the jewelry! I made this bracelet several years ago and adore how it turned out. I stitched the already-beaded bracelet very painstakingly onto a piece of white lambskin suede and used buttons as a clasp. This is my design and -please- not to be copied without permission. The beads are technically called charlottes, but I have always called them cut-glass beads. They flash and  glow in the sun while I drive and that is why I decided to post this....between the Northern Lights mani and the bracelet, I was probably not the safest driver on the road that day :0)

OK, when I said I stitched it "painstakingly"...that translates to: stitched on the first time, but it didn't drape right, stitches pulled out and 2nd try-different method, still didn't drape right-stitches pulled out carefully again! Third try was the charm! YAY! The beaded bracelet drapes like soft, heavy fabric-perfect!


Paulina said...

nice bracelet and i like the mani ;)

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you Paulina!

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

The mani looks lovely! Wow, that bracelet is gorgeous!