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Monday, September 26, 2011

Franken Funfest! and Gel polish update

I finally received my low-budget order from TKB trading....bottles, color/sampler tray and clear bases. That was all I felt like I could get this time, but my wish list was much bigger, lol!

Now the fun started! ....I had already made hmm, 3 ? frankens and needed more bottles...I was going into franken detox! I blew through 6 of the new bottles like nobody's business. Here are 2 of the new polishes, I did give a little peek of the green one on a previous post.

This is the bright green I made for my daughter. Middle finger has 2 coats, that seems to give the best effect. Since my nails don't curve downwards, no full holo effect, but still pretty!
This brown franken was made with the color-morphing pigment.

Full sun and I was AMAZED! This was the color-morphing pigment, green-gold. I only saw the green inside, but outside-gold... W O W ! I'm thinking this one needs to be Named. Molten Chocolate. How's that sound? Yummy? IT IS!!!!

Click on the pictures of the polish in full sun to see some of the gold. Pesky color was playing hide-and-go-seek with my camera.

Inside, artificial light, you can see the green a bit better. I can see I am going to have to find the funds to make another order for polish bottles and bases.

Regarding gellac under regular polishes....
I put on gellac and some sheer pink gellish polish last Thursday night, have changed my polish 2 times since then, using non-acetone polish remover. Even though the gel polish has lost some of its beautiful shine, it's holding tough and has still protected my nails amazingly well! Also, I think it gives a lovely smooth finish under the polish. I am going to hang tight and see how long I can keep this one application going before it shows or starts cracking/flaking.

More frankens in my next post! Take care and *don't sniff the fumes!*


Nail Nerd said...

Ummmm it's got SHINE SPARKLES on it! Like the sun couldn't even deal with how pretty it is and just had to break apart in a big burst to avoid disintegrating or something... gorgeous!

Gottwinkies said...

Nail Nerd: You are SO funny! I read that comment this morning before work and just laughed, it was such an awesome description! It WAS tremendously blingy and glowy, I loved it in the sun. Some of that had to be the SV topcoat..glossy lake sort of finish. Thank-you!

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Both great frankens. The sun photo of the color morphing one is super-wow!

Gottwinkies said...

ABOP- I know, right? I was bummed that I saw very little flash during work/under flourescent light, but that was ok...I knew it was there! Thank you both for wonderful comments