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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Franken Fun!!!

When Morenailpolish was selling the color-morphing pigments and some other goodies, I put an order in and patiently waited for my goodies to arrive (she had a HUGE response!). And arrive they did, this week!! Woo-hoo!
Man alive, I can't wait until my empty bottles come in so I can play more! Here is a little picture of my pigments and little tiny sample of one polish I made last night for my youngest daughter...I don't have a name for it yet...maybe I need some help?!

If I didn't think the Copyright police would find me...I would name it after Kermit, since I love the Muppets, but ah, well!!

I also made a very cool teal franken with color-morphing pigments and a purply-maroon holo-franken my friend Saundie is trying out. More pictures in another day or two, hopefully!! If I can pry my teenager away from World Of Warcraft (WOW) hahahahaa! 

Oh, and if you are looking at the pigments and drooling, go check out, because I think she has more now! She did an awesome job of labeling, weighing, shipping and just putting up with more insanity than I would have-in order to fill people's orders.


Anonymous said...

that's funny, I am playing with solar colordust right now, it changes with temperature!!
and... it works.

Sandra said...

It looks so nice!

Gottwinkies said...

Buzzwheedle, I can't wawit to see some solar dust manis!!! I have never heard of that!
Sandra, thanks!!! :)