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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Icing polish and mani

I HATE the mall...there is only one here in my town, but I really dislike it. I am fairly allergic to perfumes and that is the biggest reason I avoid malls like the plague...
BUT I went looking for something specific and got pulled into some stores by the lure of nail polish, hehehe!

So I bought 2 Icing polishes, one of which I used for this mani.

2 Coats of this gorgeous, sparkly beige polish.
I checked out the name for the blog and promptly forgot it, if you are curious, e-mail me and I will find out for you :0)

Gorgeous golden/green glitters in a beige base. Don't think it is a duochrome, but not positive...
Stamped with Sally Hansen Black Out using Bundlemonster plates...the newer ones.

I love this color, but I have to admit it probably doesn't look very good on me. Colors that are too gold in their tones tend to look pretty blah. I am bordering on lobster fingers, and that rarely happens to me. Go figure.
Take care everyone and if your weather is unseasonably nice, enjoy. Our Montana weather is sneaky and evil and last week it was in the 40's and 50's last week-that is unreal for Montana in January! I am waiting for the inevitable slam of harsh has to happen, ya know....
At any rate, drive safe, stay warm and enjoy your post-holiday hauls if you were able!


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

That's a pretty one! I like the stamping too.
Unfortunately for me, my bank's closest ATM is at the mall, and just within steps of the Icing store. Needless to say, I have way more Icing nail polish than I know what to do with now, lol!

Gottwinkies said...

O NO!! that is terrible/wonderful! Fortunately, our mall is on a side of town I don't have reason to visit often-lucky me, lol! I like their polishes so far, though!