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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unicorn nails in a Winter Wonderland (Spam alert!)

OK, there are NO unicorns on my nails, but the color combination reminded me so much of my childhood vision of Unicorns, that the name stuck! Also...a co-worker that I respect said it was very wintry-looking...I happen to think she was right as well :0)

I used my first Zoya favorite, Gaia, 2 coats and heavenly looking.

So pretty all on its own, but then it came to me, it needed some delicate sponging! I sponged with my new Essence Choose Me! I was a bit too heavy on that, so I sponged a bit more Gaia over E-CM

I loved how this looked, but no, it wasn't quite right.....

I sponged over that with Catrice Forget Me Not, Also from Buzzwheedle and put one coat of Sally Girl un-named glitter


OK, now for the winter wonderland... We received 8-10 inches officially...but where we live it was closer to 20 inches of snow. Since I wasn't willing to go back OUT in that mess, here is a picture from my porch, LOL!
Fun, huh?! I am so glad we have a 4x4 vehicle! People sliding into other people, onto sidewalks and stuck in the middle of name it, we saw it! I feel very fortunate at times like this to have a home that is safe and warm. Our state is friendly to transients and homeless and we have a large population of homeless people. I just want to cry when I think of the people that are sleeping in cars or outside at times like this....their choice or not.
Take care and hug your loved ones...furry or not!


Paulina said...

so pretty!

wow! there's so much snow!!

Gottwinkies said...

Glad your are blogging again...I missed seeing your lovely manicures, Paulina! Do you get a lot of snow where you live?