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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Funky Half-Moon Mani

I have never tried a half-moon mani-simply because 1) I stink at drawing neat lines and 2) They are not my favorite style (probably because I can't DO them!)

BUT...I came by sort of a half-moon by accident. I used scotch tape and fancy scissors and Viola! I had always wondered if I could figure out how to do the half-moon with scissors and tape and now I know, lol!

Two coats of Sally Hansen Complete manicure Thinking of Blue-one of my post-holiday hauls.

Woops, didn't take a picture of that color on its own...but you can see it clearly-lovely dark blue cream.
I used these scissors to make the shape

I had actually planned turning the pattern to follow my cuticle line, but I screwed that up and had to run with it :0)

I used Pure Ice Heartbreaker for the offset color, and went by after and made little dots below the ^ shape.

I found it hard to see the shape of the ^ after I added Poshe quick dry topcoat :0)
That is probably as fashionable as I will ever get with my nails, lol. I probably will  never try a ruffian-damn those look tricky!
I think our area ended up with a bit over 24 inches of snow, but since it rained on top of the snow (!?) right after, it was hard to be positive.

Right now, I plan to return to my warm butterscotch-chip cookie and ice-cold milk....I love cold milk....
Good Night!!


Anita said...

Love it. I think the decorative edge scissors are great for creating fun nail art. I've used them with painters tape for french tips too

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

The blue is gorgeous on you! I'm finding it a little difficult to see Heartbreaker over it though...

Nail Nerd said...

Nicely done! I never thought to try to use tape, good call. You can use rubberbands too to do the tips and half moons, a lot of folks swear by that (the tension of wrapping it over your nail creates a seal for the polish to stay within the lines)

Gottwinkies said...

Anita-That is funny about the scissors! My hubs got them for me-I'll bet he never thought I would use them the way I do!

ABOP-Bummer I know, and a shocker! me trying to be subtle, LOL! Next time I need to pick a color with more contrast...maybe dilute that color a bit with white?!

Nail Nerd-hahaha, I had visons of me flinging a polish-wet rubber band accidentally--not a pretty image!I better stick with the tape...I got the idea from

Thanks to all 3 of you for your comments :0)