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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mari Moon Artsy and Zoya Ginessa Mani (Spam!)

Hey there, it has been a long miserable week so not very fun. Back to things that make me happy and bring sunshine to my day :0)
On to the manis...

I broke down and bought some Mari Moon polish, and I am ADORING it! I bought a set, and will be splitting it with my friend Saundie (she wanted Unconventional) so I may keep the rest. This stuff is to die for *sigh*

Two coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl, with one coat of MM Artsy over the top. Speed dry top coat in between colors and on top. (Out The Door brand)

Above, you might be able to see the blue and the purple at once....below, the rosy pink color..Can't wait to try the other colors, now!

I thought I would try the picture style that Alizarine Claws uses..but no one can do it like she does! She has phenomenal nails!

Now, a not so fab mani, but it was pretty...
Two coats of Zoya Ginessa. I used MM Daring for the dots, and then used some of the Zoya speed dry drops over the top. I STILL dented it during the night! I really love Zoya colors, but the fact that I can't expect fast drying OR mix and match as easily makes me crazy with frustration!

Here is a little friend of ours we had to say farewell to this week....Snowball. Goliath liked/tolerated her. I hope we made her day as bright as she made ours. We shall miss you sweetie


JQ said...

Her photos are lovely aren't they!
I love that combo! I've never heard of Mari Moon!

Gottwinkies said...

I do love Alizarineclaws...awesome manis and nails on that girl! I found Mari Moons on and fell in mesmerizing! Thanks JQ, Good to hear from you again!