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Friday, May 18, 2012

Lynderella Love, Part 1

Ahhh, my name finally came up in the llarowe site wishlist process....The day before Mother's Day I got the best nail mail!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get everything on my wishlist because of recent medical stuff (imagine pay when I don't work!), but I DID get 4 lovelies. I told my husband he could call that my mommy's day present and you know what he said? "We'll call it your nursing fee", Hahahhaa!!
What a doll-definitely a keeper when he buys me Lynderellas for sticking by him when he was sick!

Yay!...on to the pretty spam-fest! You've seen these before probably, but these are my first/only Lynderellas.
The first one I used was Gotta Love Brains. I had NO idea it had a purple shimmer! I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes underneath, and 2 coats of GLB:

I didn't plan for those cool, big ass glitters to be right next to each other, lol! But I was not talented enough to pluck the one off and place it elsewhere...

Get a look at that purple/pink shimmer! I love that stuff! This one is so fun and funky and subtle at the same time. Not too crazy for work and this stuff has a great formula, by the way...I was pleasantly suprised!
If you are looking for these-be patient. The wishlist system through llarowe is slow but sure. I put my WL in to Leah Ann in February and would have had every item in April- it took 2 months but worth it. The polish scalpers on e-bay kind of piss me off.....

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