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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lynderella Love Part II

OK, I have been absent for a is still going OK, just busy. Duties changing at work and getting ready for that changeover was Stressful! Pretty much done with that part now and in my new/old position. I am one of those people at work that moves well to new job duties and likes to learn, so I do get moved...

Husband is recovering very well. After major heart surgeries here we have Cardiac Rehabilitation, which is pretty interesting. They monitor his heart with a portable ECG machine and have him do specific, planned exercises in the hospital rehab. center.  I am still incredibly thankful he is alive. Don't ever take your heart-health for granted: Lesson Learned!

OK....Lynderella polish!!

I can totally see why people are so in love with her polishes. They really are lovely to apply and have on your nails-Just like wearing new jewelry, only cheaper, hahahaha!
Above and below-Bride of Franken . One coat BOF over one coat of Sally Hansen Black-Out. Lovely, but I needed more "POW!"
AHA!!! Two coats below...and that second coat was slathered on, I tell you! Damn, that is stunning!
 I was trying very hard to catch the different shimmery qualities of BOF
Look at that bottle picture, below...Really, this might be my favorite of the 4 polishes I received. So many possibilities! Can't wait to try it over different colors, hahaha!
I hope everyone is happy and healthy! Next post will be Lynderella's Change. I have several posts to catch-up on...but I did just receive Mercurial in the mail, so that was exciting today. Yes, I am trying hard to resist taking my current polish off JUST to try it, hahahaha!!


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

You got a Lynderella, that's awesome! I'm liking the combo you have on your thumb in that last photo as well!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and every thing about it. I have been reading it for awhile but have yet to say hello. well...Hello!

Gottwinkies said...

ABOP-so good to hear from you sweet lady! I LOVED that pink/purple glitter mani on my thumb, too (almost hurt to take it off!)

Anonymous-I LOVE that you commented! I have so few followers, and I really appreciate that you like my blog enough to visit and leave a sweet comment :0)