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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random Mani Spam-fest

I really am here....

OK, so my blog has been a bit neglected while life moves on and summer has finally arrived. Camping season is here (yes, I love to camp!), but since sleeping on the ground is no longer something my husband can do, I splurged and found a used tiny camper for us. And I am loving it, Mouahahahha! No more fighting the rain, I can cook inside and sleep dry! And yes, my nails are the prettiest in the mountains!

OK, on to the Manis!
(btw, I am not touching any of the Lynderella issues floating out there-I love her polishes, and I will post my pretties!)

Lynderella Change over NYC Tangerine cream (YUMMY!). The gradient wasn't very even, but it was still lovely...this is going on my toes next!
This is where we have been spending our weekends-Outside, getting our feet wet hiking!

My Nova (she loves her sticks!)

Crappy picture of me looking fat-ugh...but at least the waterfall is gorgeous!

Wet feet...had to take a picture!

~Break over~More Lynderella...

Essie Lilacism (damn bubbles...)
 Gradient using (woops, can't remember) I THINK  LA Colors gray/silver (sorry!)

Mercurial over the top-Stunning, I thought! Very distracting in the sun!
My franken, Cinnamon Glow! Have a few bottles of this up in my Etsy store (6HartsCraftCompany)

This one is yummy-kind of reminds me of cinnamon rolls and cinnamon toast.....Darn it, now I made myself hungry-off to the kitchen to make some toast!


Marias Nail Art said...

Lovely manis and photos, thanks for sharing.
LOL, yes sleeping on the ground is definitely loosing it's magic the older we get, I gave up many years ago - socongrats with your camper!!

Gottwinkies said...

Hahahah, glad I'm not the only one that says NO to the bumpy ground bit! Being able to stash everything all in the camper is lovely, too! Thank-you for your comments on the manis, too!