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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coral Bling-O-Rama!

Holy Cow, I bought some polishes today and 2 of them are almost made for each other, I swear!
I picked up some Sinful Colors and brought those bad boys home to drool. And drool, I have! I decided to pair SC Timbleberry and It's All About You. SC Timbleberry is a pretty coral/melon-ish cream and SC It's All About You is the frosting on that cake! There are little bits of almost the exact same coral color in the golden-greeny goodness....make sure you click on the pics to see all the lovely details.

2 heavy coats of Timbleberry, except on ring finger...2 coats of Revlon Gold Coin. Then 1 coat of IAAY over the coral-ish...2 coats over over the Gold Coin/accent nails, though....

Before the layer of IAAY. My camera didn't capture the real coral goodness of Timbleberry, darn it!

Would you just look at that stuff?? Looks awesome over neon green, too, by the way! Tough choice tonight!

Commence Drooling. Nuf said :0)


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Thank-you...I really was glad I bought the pretty