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Friday, August 12, 2011

"Salty Margarita" Franken and subsequent mani!!

OK, I confess, I saw one of the new Barielles on one of the sites I follow  (Candy Coated Tips) and I was highly intrigued by a  nude colored-flakie polish ...not clear...NUDE!!!I didn't know the flakie goodness could show through. SO of course I had to try this, I had some pretty sheer french mani colors floating around (doesn't everyone?!)
Tried the palest pink/beige one, liked it, made one for my friend, but then I got this wild hair and added Nubar 2010 to this polish, a sheerish day-glo green that was cheap and a liquid staining machine. I like the way it looked and couldn't leave well enough alone...good thing!
I added a bit of my new fave glitter, Sinful Colors, It's All About You...OMG!!!! Yah, I am loving this stuff!!! Check out the mani first and then the ingredients. You might be able to see the flakies better if you click on the picture...

1 base of white polish, then 2 of Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up (orange) and 3 coats of my new Salty Margarita franken :0)

What do you think?  AWESOMENESS in a bottle?!?? Yeah, I almost did an "Angry Birds" mani...that will be another weekend...but I wanted something equally silly/bright. I do believe I succeeded!! I can't quite get away with something this wild at work (actually, I probably could).


Nail Nerd said...

How cute is that?! Great franken too -- there better be a stockpile of nubar 2010 out there somewhere, we'll all be screwed if it runs out!

And YES PLEASE do Angry Birds, that's awesome!

Gottwinkies said...

LOL, No kidding! I made a serious dent in my one bottle, but I love it! Thank-you, by the way! I shall have to plan an Angry Birds mani for sure, then!

Paulina said...

lovely look!

i did not use a tape, I just stamped it vertically not horizontally as usual

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you Paulina! I like that is was fun and kind of silly :)
On the leopard nails...hmmm, I didn't realize that stamp was like that, cool!