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Monday, November 28, 2011

Is this a dupe?

Quick post! (Stop cheering!) I picked this polish up, loved it...kind of hated the formula and then saw what looks like a near dupe for this one at boxofpolish (hint-One of the new Essence polishes!). She has gorgeous nails, and the gold/olive green is more pronounced, but look at this and then check out Kayleigh's blog! I love the stamping she did over the other polish without taking anything away from the awesome color :-)

Revlon's Mistletoe, 2 gloppy but pretty coats.....

Yesssss, I know my fingers look scary and crooked in the last picture. Maybe they are? Can I chalk that up to years of little kids tugging on them?! Nah!
At any rate, this is a Fast-drying polish, which I have never loved, but totally worth it! Bugger to remove, though....ultra-fine glitter in this polish! Tell me what you think...Dupe or not?!


Paulina said...

nice! :)

Gottwinkies said...

Thank-you Paulina! good to "hear" from you!